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    doesn't work for me either

    tried with latest multiman, bd mirror, app_home, etc. no good

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    Dec 2010
    Thanks for the news lele0o0o , but does anyone how exactly this fix came about?

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    Quick guess - is it a swap of full game EBOOT with demo one?

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    Dec 2010
    That was also my first thought, probably true since the game isn't working properly. Maybe someone will fully fix it soon similar to the way Uncharted 3 was fixed.

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    Nov 2011
    Thanks for the news

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    I think the main post is misleading, you have to install the demo first, then copy all the full game files into the demos folder, then patch it, and you can start the game from xmb.

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    If you write an updated guide dragonsan we can add it to the first post.

    Below is one that may be of use to some from Dzho:

    Step 1. Download all files from here: Demo in PKG + Param.sfo + Eboot.bin

    Step 2. Copy Sonic generation by ps3gunz.pkg to root of usb key and install it with install package

    Step 3. Launch multiMan

    Step 4. Go to manager file in HDD1/game/NPEB90337 within multiMan

    Step 5. Delete Param.sfo and USRDIR

    Step 6. On the right side go to your file of full Game Sonic Generation BLES01236

    Step 7. Copy USRDIR of full Sonic without the eboot and Trophies Folder

    Step 8. Copy param sfo from archive to HDD1/game/NPEB90337

    Step 9. Copy eboot from archive to HDD1/game/NPEB90337/USRDIR

    Step 10. Come back to XMB and launch demo icon

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    Hell Yeah! in the great words of HeyManHRU...."thanks BOSS"

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    Sep 2011
    I overheard this apparently works for most of the newer games as long as there is a demo of it. Has anyone confirmed this?

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    Wait a second ... this is a brand new game but the demo came out pre 3.55 or is the demo signed with the PSN NPD keys and they were able to break it that way ... ?

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