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    yeah i'm waiting for the cfw 3.72 if its possible... i just bought it... and i have plenty of game in my hdd.. i'm in dilemma.. should i unjailbreak and update or wait... haiisss.. sorry.. i'm new n noob

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    I'm trying to hold out myself but GOD it's so tempting to go back to CFW....

    Then again I'd only have RDR and Skyrim to play then, so I suppose I can wait. On another forum though, all the skyrim threads are killing me.

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    Cmon guys lets not lose hope! duplex will deliver!

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    I hope team Duplex someday will tell how they do it so we can help the scene... Yes we can

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    Yes, especially hope that they could crack FIFA 12 on the PS Store & make a 3.55 CFW eboot for our retail game, that will be awesome !!

    thank you team duplex

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    just thought id check in for a fix...

Closed Thread
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