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    Quote Originally Posted by Foo View Post
    Making EBOOT fixes is fairly easy, you just need lots of time for the game.
    really? It's not the shortest game but its also not the longest. I've already finished it. Took me about 4 days. MW3 and B3 took me 1 day to finish each.

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    There is an Update package out there, version 2.0. It seems it's an debug update with the extension PE (or I mixed it up?).

    Name : EP1003-BLES01330_00-PATCH00000000200-A0200-V0100-PE.pkg
    Size : 57,7 MB (60.439.328 Bytes)
    Download :

    Oh, I mixed it up. It's an retail update, with the Firmware Version 3.60.

    Okay, I extracted the retail *.PKG from the Skyrim Update 2.0. Here is the EBOOT.BIN with Firmware Version 3.60.
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    Yeah it's 3.60 FW, I got the Param.sfo and Eboot.bin from the update.
    Here is the download link for anyone who wants them -

    Also you can try changing the FW in the param.sfo file to 3.55 (in the update), it might just work if the Eboot.bin isn't singed with the 3.60+ keys.

    Quote Originally Posted by oVERSoLDiER View Post
    Okay, I extracted the retail *.PKG from the Skyrim Update 2.0. Here is the EBOOT.BIN with Firmware Version 3.60.
    You beat me to it by a millisecond.

    If there is a 2.00 update couldn't there have been a 1.00 update which might have contained the 3.55 keys? If anyone can get their hands on an earlier update (if there is one) it would be much appreciated if you share it with us here.
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    Hehe, yeah at my work place and also in eight other One-Click-Hoster. Hope to see the game working this afternoon - or I'm going to play with it this afternoon a bit - when no one already tried it.

    Already done HeyManHRU. This is the only Update which is available with this BLES-code from the UNLiMiTED release BLES01330.
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    Skyrim EURO for PS3 leaked! by team UNLIMITED

    The game will be released tomorrow but team UNLIMITED leaked the euro version of the game.

    At the moment only works on 3.70

    Good luck

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    Interesting to see, how this dump "works" on 3.70, haha

    And really, no big deal, EUR version has been avaliable to d/l at one of the famoust warez sites since yesterday.
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    leaked is not true... i think the RELEASER must works at game shop ...

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    A friend of mine played it already on the the 8th November.

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    What I meant by time for the game, was time for the game to download.

    Here's a quick summary of what I know about EBOOT fixes:

    You take the latest update from the game.
    Modify everything outside the USDIR.
    Then modify things in the USDIR (EBOOT).
    Then put your own update back together and it runs.

    A quick something on how to:

    Something like decrypting the EBOOT in Cygwin then re-encrypting it with failoverfl0w tools or etc.

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    Yeah, so far it is the only update - from the words of the developer. Apparanetly, they think this update is awesome and fixes a lot of everything, I've read it. So, don't bother looking for 1.01 or 1.10 updates or whatever.

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