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Thread: Signing PKG's to install on Waninkoko

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    tim132 Guest

    Signing PKG's to install on Waninkoko

    I've come across the problem of some PKG's not installing on Waninkoko's CFW in the past and now with the release of the newly updated Showtime Media Player, once again I have the same problem... the PKG will not install on Waninkoko V2.

    So my question is how do you sign a PKG which does not install with Waninkoko V2 to a PKG which does install? I'm sure there's a method out there but I can't find it, a short tutorial would be great.

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    tim132 Guest
    So my solution to the problem was to do away Waninkoko which is a shame, never caused me any problems other than not being able to install some PKG's. So I wave farewall to Waninkoko and say hello to Kmeaw, seems just as good to me... Waninkoko will always rule on the Wii!

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    slifer1231 Guest
    now that you are on kmeaw you should be fine cause pkgs don't need to be signed.


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