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Thread: SGK Enable / Disable Spoof for PS3 Firmware 4.50 on PSN with CFW

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    powershot711 Guest
    Has anyone tried the 4.50 spoofer on Rebug 4.30? Can I install the one that is for Rogero 4.30 on my Rebug 4.30 PS3?

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    kabiri105 Guest
    hello bro i installed spoof 4.50 on my cfw 4.46 rebug without any problem and last night i played fifa 14 :-D

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    Kierewiet Guest
    I'm using CFW since a month so I'm new to all of this. At the moment I use Rogero CFW 4.46 and MM 4.46. I understand that with this spoofing tool I can trick the console so it thinks it's on FW 4.50 so I can play online again. If I use this spoofing tool, do I need to install MM 4.50 of can I leave everything as it is now?

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    Portomaro Guest
    Hi, do you need an online pass for fifa to play online? Cause I don't have one.. I'm also on rogero 4.46.

    Did you just install the pkg file and that's it?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Kierewiet Guest
    Fifa 14 doesn't need an online pass:

    But I also wonder if installing the PKG will be enough or is a newer version 4.50 of MM needed?

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    DomtheBomb14 Guest
    i'm currently on rebug 4.21. will any of these 4.50 spoofers work?

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    kunal22 Guest
    I have rogero 4.40 and i don't have any idea about how to get online.. Can anyone guide me?

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    the rebug updater spoofer is not working correctly. it will corrupt your fw when you launch anything from mm after installing spoofer on normal mode then switching to rebug mode.

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    SmrtMouth Guest
    Bricked my 4.30 Rebug console. Please someone help me, I can get into recovery mode but when I click System Update it freezes and I can't do anything. What do I do? I have a flasher. Please I really need help here.

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    sudo2k7 Guest
    Thanks a lot for the heads up, I'm glad I waited with this bs spoofer.

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