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  1. #21
    Neo2003 Guest
    Which cfw did you test it on?

  2. #22
    sk8almost44 Guest
    I tested it out on 4.31 and was a no-go... so probably won't work on 4.40

    i was able to install it, run it, etc. but the spoofer in the actual program said 4.46 still not 4.50

    Same here.. FW 4.31 downloaded the last one; rogero_cfw_updater_4.30_4.40_4.41_SPOOF_4.50_BY_TE AMSGK_.rar and get error code

  3. #23
    pauliux963 Guest
    The spoofer messed up my Rebug firmware functions (like Fake Save Data owner). Any help?

  4. #24
    kakashi30 Guest
    I downloaded last one and install it on 4.30 rogero cfw. But i have active 4.46 spoofer already. And get a psn error 80710007 What i can do? This isn't working yet then?

  5. #25
    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    did you install this spoofer on normal mode?

  6. #26
    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    try reinstalling the cfw you had already installed on your ps3. normally it replaces the spoofer files on flash. you are stuck on fw install screen right?

  7. #27
    kakashi30 Guest
    Is somebody who make working PSN using this spoofer?

  8. #28
    Neo2003 Guest
    Same error with rogero 4.40 v1.03!!!

  9. #29
    addicts93 Guest
    The 4.50 spoof for the Rogero 4.46 works like a charm. Currently playing FUT 14 and no problems with the PSN

    P.S. : I sell FUT 13 coins for FUT 14.

  10. #30
    FreeMayk Guest
    For real?

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