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Thread: Several PS3 Custom Firmware questions

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    anyone3003 Guest

    Question Several PS3 Custom Firmware questions

    hi, i am new to ps3 scene but i liked to follow the news here and then i recentlty bought a ps3 160gb slim shipped with 3.40 upgraded it to 3.41 ofw. i need a road map on the best way according to the lastest changes in the ps3 scene on what to do next and my different options. i did my research plz tell me if something is wrong.

    option 1 on 3.41 ofw either buy a dongle then what? install multiMAN 1.17.02 (or what else works with this cfw??) directly? or upgrade directly to Hermes PS3 CFW 3.41 v1.01 BETA w/ Payload v4C then install multiMAN 1.17.02 then i can play backups and play bluray movies discs? and mod the eboots of games intented for fw higher than 3.41

    i heard hermes 3.41fw have lot of discless backups success stories than cuz i don't wanna to tire my bluray laser i have original discs but don't wanna overuse my bluray laser.

    option 2 when on 3.55 ofw install kemaw 3.55 cfw then install multiMAN 1.17.02 or Gaia Manager v2.07 then i can play backups and play bluray movies discs? but with less discless backup play abillity and no 3rd party controllers support?

    then if i used option 1 (3.41cfw) how would i go kemaw 3.55 later direct upgrade? or go to 3.55ofc 1st then do kemaw 3.55 cfw
    and if i used option 2 (3.55 kemaw) how would i go back to 3.41 cfw and would i need a dongle or a psp to do ps3 jig to be able to downgrade if i wanted to and if that's too dangerous to do.. wow that was long

    last question what would i do if i wanted to erase everything i did cfw and pkgs i installed and hdd and stuff should i just upgrade from kemaw 3.55 cfw or hermes 3.41cfw directly with 3.60 cfw? will that be enough for sony to not be able so know what i did on the ps3?? so that never be banned from psn and stuff, also i bought move so does it work either method?

    3.41 ofc jb
    3.41 cfw
    3.55k emaw

    Need Help from the pros plz

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    madmax69 Guest
    Option 2 , makes life so much easier , don't use psn on any option or you'll always be risking a ban , not sure about wiping clean , yes move does work as I use it as well.

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    anyone3003 Guest
    yeah but no third party controllers and what about bluray playback works good in kemaw?

    plus i feel like i won a prize by having a 3.41 ps3, don't wanna update until i absolutely have to (meaning it's best in every aspect)

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    In general - 3.55 is less hasssle / more compatibility for newer games. There is no need to worry about your BR laser as the game is used only once upon startup of the game so unless you're planing to start another game every minute if has no effect. I'm not aware of less diskless compatibility at 3.55.

    Also - there is a bit (actually a LOT) confusion about the 3rd party USB controllers with latest FWs - they indeed DO work - all of the approved ones and also majority unofficial ones. THhis was greatly blowed out of proportion - the main reason behind this is the Sony block the counterfeit DS3 controllers cheaply produced and sold directly from China.

    I have numerous USB 3rd party controlers and they all works just fine, only one needed the fw update from manufacturer, which was provided promptly. Also - if you unhappy with 3.55 you can alwasy downgrade to any previous version. You can also directly upgrade to any higher CFW if you want.

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    aideng2011 Guest
    Option 2. CFW Kmeaw is the best option, i had a 3.15 upgraded to 3.41 used ps3 dongle to jailbreak, i then got a second ps3 and installed Kmeaw cfw, i now run 3 ps3's on 3.55 kmeaw and 1 ofw never had an issue

    also Kmeaw only uses the Blu ray laser on boot of the game. The move works on CFW 3.55 i use it on a day to day basis

    You can downgrade 3.55 using one of the dongles not sure on details though.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Move works on 3.41 as well indeed.

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    anyone3003 Guest
    thanks for all the comments, i wanna check something though and please be very specific.

    if i wanna try Hermes PS3 CFW 3.41 v1.01 BETA w/ Payload v4C first (does this specific cfw have any chance of bricking? or flawless like kemaw?)

    then i put it on usb and update via xmb then install multiman only then i am good to go? at least for old games for now until i learn how to eboot and if i don't like it i must go first to 3.55 ofc then put kemaw on usb and update via xmb or recoverymode then install multiMAN 1.17.02 then i am good to go?

    and multiMAN 1.17.02 support 3.41cfw and 3.55cfw right? (same file even?) and no one told me about the bluraymovie playback on either 3.41cfw or 3.55cfw cuz i see talk about bdemu.bin and stuff about losing bluray playback.

    also i heard downgrading from 3.55 on slim can be very risky or that applies for slims that came shipped with 3.50+ firmware.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    - ANY firmware has sadly chance of bricking any PS3 - both CFW as well as OFW - everytime you flash a FW you can end up with (semi-)brick so it's wise to limit the amount of changes of FW. Indeed that's very rare so in general you don't need to worry. Personally - can't comment on any 3.41 CFW though. If you want to be an UBER safe just get some of the cheap dongles first to get introduced into the world of jailbraking, you can get those VERY cheap now. You might use even the same to downgrade later if you feel like.

    - Yes - just update FW and install manager. In general - to change to a "higher" version of CFW I see no point in putting the OFW first as the entire FW is replaced anyway and it only increases chances of bricking PS3 during multiply updates. And indeed to change to another CFW of the same "version" you'd need to use the recovery mode. Applications will remain installed during the FW update.

    - Yes the same file for both versions although there is also another version for some 3.55 CFWs (GeoHot and any more).

    - bdemu is for multiman to work with games on 3.55 CFW as the before included self patching was removed from latest versons. In regards of BD movies playback it's a bit more complicated to explain in a brief but it was in deep discussed here in forums so I'd suggest a bit of read up on that. It consist of several various issues - BD drive firmware upgrade / downgrade (keys), new protection method (can't remeber the name right name and to tired to look it up), certain CFW or patching method conflicting with BD movie playback, 3D BD Movies playback etc.

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    anyone3003 Guest
    thanks GrandpaHomer for your answers. anyone that has 3.41 cfw can comment plz? is it safe from bricking like kemaw? or has been reported major problems? after i do it i just need to install multiMAN 1.17.02 or gaia managers2.07 and stuff (at least for old games)?

    and is the bd movie playback fixable? either by returning to ofc or patching some thing? cuz i just got my 1st ps3 and don't wanna lose something i didn't even use yet

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    aideng2011 Guest
    By the sound of it you are pretty worried about causing problems, in that case just go to 3.55 cfw it is the much safer option

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