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Thread: Save games not working on PS3 CFW

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    SinnerShanky Guest

    Save games not working on PS3 CFW

    i backed up my saved games on 3.41... some problems were there so i formatted and then updated to kmeaw 3.55... but my save games are not workin it asks to delete the save data and make new ones. the games showin this uptil now are Fifa 11 and fifa street 3, didn't get time to check others... please help... it has my god of war 3 save!

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    anon777 Guest
    try restoring your games on OFW and if your games was homebrew or multiman back ups then, there not going to work on 3.55 i believe.

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    severusx Guest
    How did you back them up? Did you use the utility in the XMB or did you just copy them via FTP?

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    zaman2cool Guest
    I m also having the same problem.. i was on ofw 3.55 installed cfw kmeaw 3.55, multiman 1.15, bdemupkg and blackbox 1.2
    . copied street fighter iv from original bd it shows error"data corrupted delete contents bla bla, tried twice didn't work...

    Then i transferred tekken6 eur and fifa 11 eur loaded from multiman and played thru disc(original disc of different game) Screen goes black... need serious help.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    barrybarryk Guest
    its normally caused by a savegame using a later version of the game than what's on the disc. delete the saves and the game content thats already installed but thats only if it gives an error about it. if it's black screening your problem is more than like the same one that you posted in your other tekken 6 thread.

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