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Thread: Same problem in 2 PS3's on Kmeaw CFW

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    rambulho Guest

    Same problem in 2 PS3's on Kmeaw CFW

    Hi, maybe this is a noob problem because i'm getting the exact same problem in both my ps3. In one i have 3.41 OFW and in the other one have 3.55 CFW kmeaw.

    With recent games like AC Brotherhood, Mortal Kombat, Top Spin 4, etc, when I use the last MultiMan it gives black screen when I enter in PS3 Game menu and with Gaia Manager it gives an error.

    Btw, both my consoles have the blu-ray broken so I can't put any disc. Is there any way I can play these games with a broken blu-ray? I think that in earlier versions of multiman there was the discless option... that is not present anymore??

    I would be much apreciated if anyone can help me

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    anon777 Guest
    you need to get the blu-ray drive fixed because you need a ps3 game in the system to run backups some games dont require a disk but 98% of them do

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    rambulho Guest
    i was really hoping for other answer... any ideas of the rigth combination of FW, version of MM/Gaia/Rogero , installing lx2.pkg??, installing BDEMU.okg??

    c'mon guys it has to exist some way of getting this to work, i just haven't bee able to find it...

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    al4ex Guest
    do you have bdemu.pkg?

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    rambulho Guest
    yes i do have bdemu.pkg. with which loader should i use it??

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    al4ex Guest
    you need to use multiman on 3.55 and i use gaia on 3.41 !

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