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    Running God Of War III on CFW internal drive

    Does God of War III run from internal drive or just external? I have been trying to run it and it dumps me back to XMB.

    CFW 3.55, Multiman, Disc in drive.

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    try doing it external if you can.. i played it through on external recently.

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    For me it works great in my external, I don't put it on my internal because I don't to use all the memory it takes up.

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    Nov 2010
    Mine works great from external hdd!

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    in Internal with CFW 3.55 KMEAW works like a charm with GAiA 2.07 with bluray inside the PS3.

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    Doesn't GOWIII contain files bigger than 4gb not in psarc?

    with which BUM did you made the backup? and did you riped the 40gb down to 20ish yourself?

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    It is supposed to boot back to XMB. You just have to select the spoofed disc drive. This is assuming you have the untouched eboot.bin and folders in your default multiman directory.

    I'm using KMEAW 3.55 with Rogero 7.9C, game disc in drive, GOW3 duplex release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiWish View Post
    Doesn't GOWIII contain files bigger than 4gb not in psarc?
    no, as I and the users above you have it on external with no split files.

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    There are no 4GB+ files in GOW3. You may be confusing it with GOW Collection.

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