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    Running games from external HDD on PS3 CFW

    Why can I not run games from external HDD using GAIA manager on custom 3.55? When I copy games to internal it works fine but from external all I got is black screen.

    Is it caused by the firmware or game manager?

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    It's most likely a compatibility issue in the game itself. I run all of my games from the internal HD except for the ones that require the "black screen fix" with multiman. Try using MultiMan instead of Gaia to see if your compatibility improves.

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    I have got MM and Gaia installed and have the same issue on both of them

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    Which games are you having these problems with then?

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    agreed, use multiman v 1.15.05, if running form ext. hd make sure the game has no 4+gb files. If it does , simpily use split4g to to split those files into 2 parts so they will boot from external hdd! thats pretty much it!

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    split games wont work on an external, they may boot but you will have problems. Any game with any individual files greater than 4GB need to copied onto the internal to play.

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    You might be right guys, I have mainly tried games with splitted files.

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    I too am experiencing this problem. Glad to see that I'm not the only one...

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    no its well known and documented. ANY & EVERY game where you have to split the files to put them on an external, need the files rejoined to make them playable which means transferring them to the internal hard drive.

    Easyiest way to tell is if a game has a file over 4GB in size it'll need to be on the internal drive to play.

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    aren't most games over 4gb's anyway?

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