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    thanks for the JAP sound I will leave them in download quebe thanks cronos for the sounds n.n and also natsune and marvelous is one of the few companies that english dub dont suck but the japanse voice are always better

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    Having tried this several ways, I cannot get this to work properly. No voices can be heard in English or Japanese but the music files play properly. I have tried the English sound folder and your modified Japanese folder, I even tried repacking the .cpk files. (Worked with BGM 1 and 2, but nothing else.)

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    Have tried this but the game won't run (CFW Kmeaw/Multiman) it only shows a black screen, any tips?

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    You should have the Japanese version and replace these files from the US version to it so the game can be played in English.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdaddie View Post
    Have tried this but the game won't run (CFW Kmeaw/Multiman) it only shows a black screen, any tips?
    to fix the black screen set in multiman to run the game from the external + BD mirror (old select +x method)

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    So basically all you gotta do is replace the files listed above and the sounds and music for the game to be 100% fully translated?

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    Yeah, that is it.

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    Some of the text in the pause menu and the HUD are stretched and unreadable. Is this an expected bug caused by the fix?

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    Sounds simple enough. Good to know. Does one need to have played the others first before playing this? Isn't this a sequel of the other that was released? If so I guess I better get started on the other game. lol And I wouldn't want to remove original sounds. I prefir Japanese voices. So I wouldn't want to touch those files.

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    Is there anyone who have the US STRM_BGM2.cpk that can tell me the folder hierarchy of it, whether it is *\Synth\S2\*files* or *\Synth\S1\*files*.

    I've got the STRM_BGM.cpk done but managed to delete my STRM_BGM2.cpk by mistake.


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