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    thanks cronos I will wait for it too I always prefer to play a undub than a game whit english voice n.n

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tidusnake666 View Post
    I vote for mainpage!
    If you or ChronosAragami (or someone more familiar with this) can write up a few sentences explaining it a bit more and include a proper title then I will move it to the PS3 CFW section and mainpage it sure.

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    Rune Factory Oceans PS3 Custom Firmware Fix Arrives

    Today PS3 News member ChronosAragami has suggested a quick and effective way to launch Rune Factory Ocean on PS3 3.55 Custom Firmware.

    Those interested can simply do the following:

    1. Grab JAP version dump of this game, we will use it as a base.
    2. Replace "RFF2.bin" and "RFF2.dat" with US eqivalents
    3. Replace japanese "Sounds" and Movies with US ones.
    4. Enjoy game!

    To quote: "Sorry my bad English, I am Brazilian hehe, I'll cut to the chase, I discovered that if you swap the files RFF2.bin RFF2.dat, from the American version to the Japanese version, the game going to be with the texts in English and Japanese audio.

    That's it, just wanted to share with others who enjoy this game. Thank you for your attention.

    Ops, the JAP audio its not working, if you want to hear the villagers voice, put all the Sounds from USA version in the JAP version."

    PS: I do not have this game, whole instructions and all credits goes to ChronosAragami. Ask him for questions

    Rune Factory Oceans PS3 Custom Firmware Fix Arrives

    More PlayStation 3 News...
    Last edited by Tidusnake666; 10-25-2011 at 05:04 PM

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    I have now mainpaged it and +Rep to both Tidusnake666 for the news and ChronosAragami for the fix!

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    Yet again, it's good to another 3.60+ game working on 3.55 CFW. Also if anyone has the US version of this game can they upload the RFF2.bin and RFF2.dat files?

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    Yes, please do!

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    the weird thing on this game is that, once you swapped files. It says on boot up "Rune Factory Oceans" although the title says Tide of Destiny

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    Here we go ! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1G6MA0M0

    Just download and put in the sound folder, and Tadah ! Undub game, but theres 2 file you need to get from the USA version, STRM_BGM.cpk and STRM_BGM2.cpk, if you don't get these two, the game's music will not play, and the voice from the actor is in english, but just in the attack an jump mode.

    And there is some bug in Sonia's voice that i can't fix hehe, but you will see it rarely.

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    can someone upload those two files - STRM_BGM.cpk and STRM_BGM2.cpk from USA version of the game ?

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    to make the 100% total undub with the two remaining files... just swap the 2 english sound files.

    To do the work, you need the tools for cpk extraction used in catherine game. then do the swap thing and repack. Whoala. Undub!


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