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    Sep 2009
    I've installed this CFW and tried to sign in on PSN it says error occured (8002A260) Why ?

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    Feb 2008
    Do you have fckpsn running first on your computer?

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    Hi i have actually rogero 3.4 cfw and i can't play call of duty 4 modern warfare, it keeps poping error 80010017 . I tried the BLUS30072 and BLES00148 versions. MWE et MW3 works perfectly. I think this is a bug related to rogero 3.4 because a friend of mine get it working on kmeaw. Could anyone confirm that Rogero 3.7 can launch this game.

    However is the BLueray reading error issue from 3.5 resolved now ?
    Best Regards

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    With this CFW, I can go to sign in to PSN. Only, when try match online with PES 2012, got hang and I have to force shutdown.

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    Sep 2012
    maybe the cause of cfw-psn error, because of a new security upgrade 4.25 from PSN official himself ?

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    Just install CFW, Play online Thanks Rogero !

    No fckpsn required

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    Should I update from Kmeaw? Plz reply

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    Fook yeah! Should I downgrade to OFW 3.55 first (from 3.55 Kmeaw)?

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    Is this 3.70 CFW or is it a 3.55 CFW ??

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    3.55 CFW with more features

Closed Thread
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