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  1. #61
    pinoytechno Guest
    thanks for the update

    i already installed to my ps3 thanks a lot ps3news

  2. #62
    StanSmith Guest
    Is there a full list of what this CFW has?

  3. #63
    niwakun Guest
    stansmith anything that KMEAW had, minus the spoofer and the custom bootlogo.

  4. #64
    StanSmith Guest
    Are you sure? The last update had 3.60 keys and bugs so I was thinking this version will also have them too?

  5. #65
    niwakun Guest
    that was a beta release and never been stable, try running a 3.60 game on it or 3.56, it won't execute

  6. #66
    ttlgeek Guest
    it says 3.66 on recovery menu why??

  7. #67
    TheZander Guest
    With the latest spoof, does that mean Netflix will work?

  8. #68
    EvilRyuBugmaker Guest
    3.66 in Recovery? Can you post a video or a picture of this, ttlgeek?

  9. #69
    ttlgeek Guest
    i think i'm gonna take it to get it downgraded tomorrow evilryubugmaker

  10. #70
    ttlgeek Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by EvilRyuBugmaker View Post
    3.66 in Recovery? Can you post a video or a picture of this, ttlgeek?
    i can't do that now but i swear it's because of this i got updated to 3.66

    also i don't know why, can you help me ? every pup of cfw i download either kmeaw or rogero or whatever it always says 3.66 in recovery !!!

    when i see it in xmb system update via storage media it says rogero-cfw-v3.6 but when i boot into recovery i go to system update and it says connect storage.... then it says checking and it reboots it says system update version 3.66 at the top then there's the terms and service stuff, why is this happening to me this also happens with all pup files i try the only reason i accepted to update is because i downloaded it from this trusted site and i thought it was just a ps3 mistake but when it booted i saw the ps3 original coldboot i knew i was messed.

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