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Thread: Rogero PS3 MFW Fixes Trophies Problem After a 3.70 Downgrade

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    elBenyo Guest
    Uh, use the traditional 2-console transfer, use the CFW, prolly KMEAW, reactPSN-activate your games, then transfer them to your OFW 4.25 with an ethernet cable. That's about it Can't be done with one console, sorry. Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong though.

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    adelin07 Guest
    is this 3.7 CFW? If i install this, will i be able to play games which require firmware up to 3.7 without patching them?

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    did you even read anything but the title? it's version 3.7 of rogero's cfw 3.55.

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    sharinganjose Guest
    I think I need some help! I used the PUP file that is in the description and now I am on OFW 3.70...I don't think this is a legit file as now I cannot install pkgs or use any Backup Managers.

    Any info will help. Thanks

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