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Thread: Rogero CEX PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) v4.21 is Now Released!

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    G Sus Guest
    no idea sorry. if it was me id just try it from xmb, (had to say this because i did do it from xmb)

    since its you , id advise you stay on rogero the extra stuff in rebug you probably wont use anyway. (i have to advise this cos i dont want you to hold me responsible if you brick) the order i would try is:

    install rebug .999 downgrader from xmb.
    then install toolbox2,
    then toggle Qa
    then install rebug 4.25rex

    i'm not saying it willl work, im not saying its possible, i'm also not saying it wont brick your ps3. all i'm saying is thats how id try it, but i've got 2 ps3 and if one died id be upset but at least i'd still have a ps3.

    doing it that way, even if you cant get to rebug 4.25rex the rebug 999 downgrade pup is identical in functions to the rebug3.55 rex other than it will report wrong version number.

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    BluRay Guest
    thien, I didn't tell you to get into FSM, seems like just by enabling QA flag you are able to upgrade to other CFWs even thought you're stuck on the downgrader CFW, but sadly, It think you would need recovery menu for that to work.

    Anyway, are you 100% sure you are doing the recovery menu button press right? It's VERY common for people to mess up the process and not get into Recovery Menu.

    Perhaps you could try reinstalling the downgrader CFW by XMB and see If recovery works that way, I'm really not sure how to help you there, but there is no explanation for Recovery Menu not working.

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    splinter500 Guest
    can it be upgraded directly from ofw 3.55 or it HAS TO BE cfw?

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    G Sus Guest
    if you don't already know that then you haven't read any of the cfw threads, rogero or rebug. and if you haven't read any of them then you shouldn't be messing with your firmware.

    i'd suggest go to beggining of the thread and not the end of it.

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    thien Guest
    thank you all. so install rebug .999 downgrader from xmb. then install toolbox2, then toggle Qa then install rebug 3.55.3 rex ?

    I don't want update to 4.25 REX.

    OK ?

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    StanSmith Guest
    Is there a version spoofer for rogero 4.30? I don't want to get asked to update so I always spoof to 9.99.

    If you want my opinion between 4.xx CFWs I would say stay away from Rogero. Its buggy. Rebug 4.21.1 REX is good. Probably the best 4.xx CFW out. Not good enough for games as most I tried didn't work.

    3.55CFW is probably the best still. I'm downgrading atm. Not happy at all with Rogero 4.30 as it totally messed my XMB and lost a few things. Hopefully going back to 3.55 they will all be back.

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    G Sus Guest
    rebug has worked for every one of my games, all 57 of them, some i had to delete gamedata and install update first but most just worked straight away even though they had been patched. its better to reinstall games fresh from disk though.

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    dyceast Guest
    When everyone did the upgrade to the 4.x cfw's, did it have to format your HDD's first? I'm still happy being on 3.55, but if for some reason i decide to go to 4.30 cfw, would just like to know before hand...

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    G Sus Guest
    depends on how you update to the new cfw, which new cfw you decide to use, and most of all whether everything gos smoothly, sometimes it does sometimes it don't, make a backup of all your gamesaves anyway.

    I find games compatability is better on a fresh install (formatted HD)

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    tonyqc Guest

    Big Grin My modified Rogero CFW 4.30 V1.03

    I have modified the Rogero CFW 4.30 v1.03 with PUAD to include the Rebug package manager signed 4.30.

    MD5: E081CF40D640AA160D416F242E1E8438

    It have 100% the same compatibility then the original.


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