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  1. #961
    Zentsuken Guest
    Yeah, the Condor Updater unfortunately doesn't work on FAT PS3 models it seems.

    I also had issues when I was in 4.21 REX, although it's an amazing firmware. I decided to downgrade since I didn't need all the extra toys it comes packaged with.

    I successfully downgraded using the 999 Downgrader, but while installing 3.55 Kmeaw again, I got a blue screen. My heart sank, but I let it sit there for 4-5 minutes.. nothing. I then plugged in my PS3 controller, and pressed X and surprisingly enough the screen responded, it went black then froze on me but I was able to shut it down by using the power switch on the back.

    After I turned it back on, I noticed XMB booted back up. PHEW! But apparently Kmeaw didn't install, so I tried installing it again from XMB and lucky for me it worked. I swear I have no idea what happened, and I don't plan on doing another downgrade again anytime soon since I don't have a hardware flasher (just my nand backup).

    Moral of the story is, I'd encourage you to wait until all the kinks are completely fixed. These CFW's are still new, and even though they've installed successfully for numerous people. There's still some bugs, look at Rogero's CFW for example. Unless you are in a serious hurry to play new releases, I'd seriously wait. I rather have a 3.55 PS3 than none at all.

  2. #962
    BluRay Guest
    Compatibility issues =/= error, ReactPSN isn't a Rebug CFW feature, so If thats the ONLY thing you want, you might aswell not bother updating your PS3 and wait for someone to patch ReactPSN with new keys.

    Sincerely, I was never able to understand why Recovery Menu updates are safer, if the CFW PUP is faulty or It simply isn't compatible with your PS3 model, you will brick It by both methods. So If you want to downgrade, I really don't see why not just do it from XMB.

  3. #963
    thien Guest
    OK. thank you all, you all are best supporter. i'll stay in current CFW. too bad

  4. #964
    BluRay Guest
    Zent, even though I have a flasher, I just stay on 3.55.3 Rebug REX CFW. I really don't think there is a good reason for most us to go to 3.55+ CFWs as It doesn't really bring anything new, is less stable and has worst compatibility compared to 3.55.

  5. #965
    thien Guest
    Maybe you wrong because update in recovery mode dont check FW spoof, so you can't update in XMB if it was spoof FW, me is Rogero's CFW v3.6 with 4.25 spoof. sorry if i'm wrong

    no, i dont intend to update over 3.55, i only want go back OFW 3.55 then install REbug 3.55.3 REX CFW. That'all

  6. #966
    BluRay Guest
    Rogero/Rebug downgrade CFW has a different kind of "spoof", which the Recovery Menu does detect. Some people got stuck on Rogero's Downgrader CFW because It kept asking to install 4.40 FW or higher, the solution to that was install QA Flag, reinstall downgrader CFW and install 3.55 CFW.

  7. #967
    G Sus Guest
    you can only do one of too things really.

    1 stay on rogero
    2 risk updating from xmb, it might not let you.

    if it does as long as the pup is okey (double check then check again) then it should just go in. sadly like all updates though, none of them are brick free risk.

  8. #968
    thien Guest
    So can i boot to Factory Service mode to install OFW 3.55 without erase all data on HDD ?

  9. #969
    G Sus Guest
    i wouldnt have thought so, everytime ive used FSM ive lost everything, but both times ive used it was to get out of a semibrick.

    i'm not even sure FSM will help you cos your rogero is spoofed higher than 3.55

  10. #970
    thien Guest
    can i edit file version.txt in dev_flash/vsh/etc back to 3.55 and it doesn't spoof any more ?

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