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  1. #951
    thien Guest
    So can I enable QA to Make Sure You Have Succesfully Integrated qa_flag in your console go to network setting (don't enter network setting) and press L1+L2+L3+R1+R2+Directional button Down and you can see edyviewer, debug setting, install packages menus Turn on system Update DEBUG in debug setting

    Then update OFW3.55 with no brick? Why rebug team make rebug toolbox can't enter recovery mode for FAT PS3 ?

  2. #952
    G Sus Guest
    i'd assume you can toggle QA from rogero same as any other 3.55cfw

    as for why rebug didn't make toolbox enter recovery for phat probably because it was unsafe who knows

  3. #953
    thien Guest
    yes i can toogle QA from rogero same as any other 3.55cfw, could you ask someone expert about Recovery mode. thank you very much

  4. #954
    dinzy Guest
    Is it possible to create a CFW that is upgradeable directly? Having to downgrade for every upgrade is a chore, especially when there are so many bug fix releases.

  5. #955
    G Sus Guest
    some of them you can just update from xmb and swap, but you are advised not too as the risk of bricking is a lot higher. best to follow the advice. i went from 3.55 kmeaw to 4.30 rogero V1 then to e3cfw 4.30 all from xmb without downgrading.

    i had loads of problems trying to get out of e3cf4.30 i was nearly stuck in it, i believe this was my own fault cos i never followed directions and just kept updating from xmb.

    although advice is only advice , theres always reasons they advise these things.

  6. #956
    BluRay Guest
    thien, the easiest way to enter recovery mode would be by using Condor Updater.


    Install, run condor updater and you will be at recovery menu.

  7. #957
    G Sus Guest
    the condor recovery is the app i was meaning, i just too dumb to remember the name lol

  8. #958
    thien Guest
    thanks, i've tried it already, nothing, can't boot to recovery. not work for FAT PS3

  9. #959
    G Sus Guest
    looks like you could have no other options than stay on 3.55 or risk the xmb update. if you try the later id definitely make sure its toggled.

    probably safer to stay on 3.55 for now though, surely there cant be anything so important to risk your ps3, most games are patched for 3.55 anyway.

  10. #960
    thien Guest
    can i install Rebug 3.55.3 REX edition directly from XMB without brick risk ?

    i can play almost new game now on current CFW, but i think Rebug 3.55.3 REX edition have many cool feature no other CFW have. such as ReactPSN

    i think someone should inform about this error on Rogero CFW

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