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  1. #921
    NTA Guest
    Don't quote me on this, but I feel like no one reads those

  2. #922
    G Sus Guest
    i think there was something wrong with that mushroom stroganoff i ate

  3. #923
    HyuugaV Guest
    It's annoying because the answer to "said question" is literally a few pages back... people really don't even try to read the information they just see the titles.

  4. #924
    za3tot Guest
    problem with this cfw 4.30 v1.02, bd drive doesn't recognise bd

  5. #925
    uksuperdude Guest
    Impressive work, out so quickly. gw

  6. #926
    darvy28 Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by iamafreak View Post
    Does this mean, games that are patched to work on 3.55 kmeaw will work on 4.30 as well? Or will I need original untouched games to play on 4.30?
    It works fine with me...

  7. #927
    technodon Guest
    i'm a rebug fan

  8. #928
    dovez0 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by gvohese View Post
    since upgrading i can't play games if i have multible usb hhds plugged in kmeaw let 3 external usbs run fine but i can only run 1 usb device now
    not having that problem on my original ps3 60gb which now has a 1tb hdd

  9. #929
    Roaf Guest
    I have Rogero 4.30 V1.0 installed when i try to install 4.30 v1.03 from recovery menu it says data corruped and when i try from xmb it says update 1.9 or later can be installed on this system. how do i install ?

  10. #930
    abzii Guest
    I've read all the comments but only 1 thing i'm not understanding, with rogeros cfw you can play like NFS MW and not have a patched eboot? just back up a ps3 game and play? or wait until there's an eboot patch for it??

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