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Thread: Rogero CEX PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) v4.21 is Now Released!

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    G Sus Guest
    if you delete game data not savegame, and then use multiman to download recent update for the game and install that, then your 3.55 patched games work, or atleast all mine have.

    most just worked straight away, but the odd one had to have gamedata deleted, and updated.

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    HyuugaV Guest
    Thank you for sharing that... I was wondering how I'd get all these patched games to work once I update!

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    Muhammad54 Guest

    Rogero CEX 4.30 CFW v1.03 PS3 Custom Firmware is Released

    Following his previous revision, today PlayStation 3 developer Rogero released v1.03 of his Rogero CEX-4.30 Custom Firmware which fixes the video issues some have been reporting after implementing a botched Cinavia disabled attempt.

    Download: Rogero_CEX4.30_V1.03 Full Pack / Rogero_CEX4.30_V1.03 Full Pack / Rogero_CEX4.30_V1.03 Full Pack / Rogero_CEX4.30_V1.03 Full Pack / Rogero_CEX4.30_V1.03 Full Pack / Rogero_CEX4.30_V1.03 Full Pack / Rogero CEX-4.30 v1.03 PlayStation Home Fix / multiMAN Add-ons for CFW4.30- bdRESET lastGAME gameDATA / Rogero CFW 4.30 V1.03 (with PUAD to include the Rebug package manager signed 4.30) by tonyqc

    Version 1.03 PUP MD5: 8ea5e60064e1a5ae8066f8c9d43b91be
    Version 1.03 PUP Size: 192 MB (201,449,227 bytes)

    To quote: This is a 4.30 Triple Pack that contains: (Rogero CEX-4.30 v1.03 with PlayStation Home Fix) + multiMAN ver 04.10.00 + Showtime 04.01.208

    Just Install and Run this package to have a working PlayStation Home Icon under the Game Category. (N.B: This package is already included in the latest Full Pack v1.03)

    This CFW was tested on most PS3 Models by different testers and no problems were encountered. But as any CFW release you must install it with caution and by following proper instructions, No one will be held responsible for any damage caused.

    Rogero CEX-4.30 Details v1.03
    • Removed the Cinavia Disabled files and reverted back to the original files due to some Video Playback problems detected.

    Finally, for all the related guides including Updating from CFW3.55/4.21 to CFW4.30, Downgrading back to CFW/OFW3.55, and Recovering from a Brick please refer to the previous update. Enjoy!

    [imglink=|Rogero CEX 4.30 CFW v1.03 PS3 Custom Firmware is Released][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    petar0404 Guest
    What issues?

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    gvohese Guest
    since upgrading i can't play games if i have multible usb hhds plugged in kmeaw let 3 external usbs run fine but i can only run 1 usb device now

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    dan1980 Guest

    Question cfw update

    i would like to know if you can up date to the new cfw Rogero_CEX4.30_V1.03_Full_Pack from ofw or do you need to be on a cfw 3.55 ?

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    opertinicy Guest
    you gotta be on 3.55 cfw first

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    Hi, i see they have a new update i'm on Rogero CEX-4.30 v1.00 do i have to downgrade back to cfw 3.55 to update Rogero CEX-4.30 v1.03?

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    sasukekun92 Guest
    As the title says, this is 4.30 CFW CEX, does this mean, that I wont lose the video blu-ray reproduction??? In the DEX FW the video blu ray cannot be played.

    And, the other question is if I install 4.30 Rogero CEX CFW, will I can play up to 4.30 backups? Is this the same than the 3.55 kmeaw but with playable 4.30 backups ? Thnx

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    opertinicy Guest
    this question has been answered numerous times, in one of the initial posts, as well as one of the latest posts.

    YES, you must be on 3.55 CFW in order to install this.

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