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  1. #901
    G Sus Guest
    its easy enough, but i dont think youl want to go back to 3.55

  2. #902
    za3tot Guest
    I hope so coz when I upgraded to the 1st one (4.21) I got many issues.

    and the last question , which is better 4.21 v1.09 or 4.30 v 1.02 ? Thanks.

  3. #903
    G Sus Guest
    i didnt try 4.21 v1.09 i only tried 4.30 v1 and i was happy with that other than the few bugs, but they have been repaired in 4.30v1.02 so id give that a try.

    if i was going to use anything below 4.30 id just go for rebug 4.25rex

  4. #904
    za3tot Guest

    Red Face

    thank you so much , I appreciate your help (y)

  5. #905
    Roaf Guest
    rghost mirror please ? for Full pack.


  6. #906
    alexmg64 Guest
    Sony is releasing FW 4.31 so I guess we can expect another upgrade for this CFW.

  7. #907
    popshopadop Guest
    i dont think there will be since that actually was a stability fix update. it was optional for a game that wasn't working. 4.31 was an optional update if you were experiencing problems with a game.

  8. #908
    DMagic1 Guest
    Is the Cinavia Disabled on disc playback now as well?

  9. #909
    Mesutg Guest
    haha that guy Adil aliraqe sure love he's name to be seen in the videos like he has done all the apps buhaha

  10. #910
    iamafreak Guest
    Does this mean, games that are patched to work on 3.55 kmeaw will work on 4.30 as well? Or will I need original untouched games to play on 4.30?


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