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    Oct 2012
    got it thanks technodon, its now 2.30am time for bed i'll go buy more games tomorrow.

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    thanks for confirm i have same exact unit..

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    no problem but its a different story if you ever downgraded with hardware such as e3 flasher or other use at your own risk

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    Jan 2010
    I did a big test for this news DEX 4.21 to CFW 4.25

    Model: CECHK01
    CFW 4.25 MD5: 418B6D659BA7201B04247618929E73FF


    1) DEX 4.21 to DEX 3.55
    2) Install CEX multiman 4.07.01
    3) Rename your FLASH-NOR-FW3.55.NORBIN to 355CEX.EID0.NORBIN
    4) double click with multiman on your 355CEX.EID0.NORBIN
    5) Turn off the system with your controler
    6) hold power buton your pc will turn on and off
    7) hold power again until 2 bips
    8) install KMEAW or rebug 3.55.2
    9) install CFW 4.25!!!


    NHL 2013 with hermes and multiman 4.07.02 work!

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    So you did not qa flaq at all ?

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    Wow another great news after long time

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2die4uk View Post
    So you did not qa flaq at all ?
    Just when you do CEX to DEX...

    But in that test it was DEX to CEX

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    I'm going to stick on dex, until a dex 4.21 CFW comes out... My BDDrive is broken...

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    Feb 2012
    Anyone managed to install this on 2501B?

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    Feb 2012
    Can anyone explain the prob on 25xx series??

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