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  1. #871
    kolabi Guest
    can anyone patch Anomaly Warzone Earth , it only works on cfw 4.xx

  2. #872
    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Guys STOP posting non-Rogero discussion in here, I am deleting the posts and if you repost dongle crap you will receive an infraction.

  3. #873
    zhaoyun123 Guest
    thats weird... after i install from rebug 3.55.2 to rogero 4.30 CFW, the trophy icon is gone... >.<

    oki sry for my post that i don't see the trophy collection, i didn't know it was under the Playstation Network icon

  4. #874
    spooky61 Guest
    nice mate thank you

  5. #875
    zhaoyun123 Guest
    i hope ReActPSN would work, try the one being resign to rogero cfw 4.21 didnt work on my 2 psn themes that last time it work on my rebug 3.55.2 >.<

  6. #876
    haze67 Guest
    a Rogero brick IF it can't be fixed by triggering FSM or anything else is only fixed.. tested and working using a E3 flasher, if no backup is present, redump from broken console, verify if all "per console data" is intact! i can't imagine Rogero overwrite Per console data
    patch your rogero 4.21 dump with Rogero's NOR dump patcher (355 COREOS) and "hardware downgrade" the PS3 using the Rogero 3.7 nocheck pup

  7. #877
    ils Guest
    ok, i read about 4.30CFW HDD format bug, and this is a deal breaker... hopefully Rogero fix it in the next release...

    waiting for the fix or ZOE HD 3.55 patch

  8. #878
    ROOKI3 Guest
    hey guys,

    i have a question before i update to 4.30cfw from 3.55kmeaw.. how do i dump nor/nand using multiman?

  9. #879
    ils Guest
    ok, i hate myself... i updated just now... hopefully nothing bad happen because of the bug...

    successfully update from 3.55KMEAW -> 4.30 Rogero on PS3 60GB launch model (Japan)

    Thanks everyone

  10. #880
    k9inpoop Guest
    Can someone make a torrent of all the 4.xx cfws and rogero 3.x which ever is the newest ones. Like they did for the rebug firmware a little while ago today. I know that there was 3.7 but I don't know if they updated that cfw anymore than that...

    I can't download the firmwares on my phone it won't let me finish downloading them at all and the only way I can download them on my phone is torrenting them because if you lose data connection it won't completely stop the dl. I will LOVE the person who can do this for me and rep+ them

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