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Thread: Rogero CEX PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) v4.21 is Now Released!

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    PimpMyPs3 Guest
    Many thanks for your help with this, I'll give it a go later and post back the outcome..

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    mahdyari77 Guest
    Hi all I have 2 question

    1- Is it ok if I install CFW 4.30 (patched) on CFW 4.30 (unpatched) Directly ? (without downgrade to 3.55)
    2- what's diffrent between patched and unpatched version ?

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    G Sus Guest
    patched already has the PS button ingame menu fixed, unpatched dosent. i'm not sure it would let you install the patched over top of unpatched, probabky not to safe.

    the patch isn't too important , if you hold the PS button you can quit the game from there anyway

    you could just apply the patch it would be easier

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    BluRay Guest
    You can install any 4.30 CFW over other 4.30 CFW, It's the same as 3.55 CFW, you can go directly from Kmeaw to Rebug for example.

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    mahdyari77 Guest
    Thx for your help & another question when I installed CFW 4.30 and installed playstation home then it worked but I dont know how can i play for example black ops in PSN cause when i come out frome playstation home beta I cant connect to psn by the XMB directly it says ...demonstration... ??

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    G Sus Guest
    sorry can't help there the demonstration is annoying. i don't play online so no idea about that.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    Have you tried opening them in Showtime with direct disc access?

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    mahdyari77 Guest
    is there anyone who used echnodon playstation home ??

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    Rbrock630 Guest
    So what all can I do once I have ps3 jailbroken? My bluray drive doesn't work so I figure why not

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    johnwrnd Guest
    That is exactly the problem i have... sadly i forgot to make a NOR dump while i was on 3.55 CFW and the only NOR dump i have right now is the one after it got bricked with Rogero's CFW 4.21 1.09. My problem right now is a different one tho. as my PS3 behaves like if it had the YLOD. Since the PS3 turn off the flasher turn off too giving me no chance to flash anything.

    I have a working 60GB unit on 3.56 OFW but that one has the 128MB NOR and as far as i know the E3 does not support it unless someone here have a diagram i can use to solder the clip.

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