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Thread: Rogero CEX PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) v4.21 is Now Released!

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    zhaoyun123 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    For those seeking CFW 4.21 ports, if you scroll down here we have been adding them as we run across them to the list:

    ReActPSN Rogero Fix for 4.21 CFW is on the list as well as another port dubbed "ReActPSN 2.22" located HERE worth a peek perhaps.
    nice thx ^^, i think this will be my last question.... if on the games to work do i have to delete only the game data then i will let the game (depends on what title) install again so that it will work??...

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    kokotas Guest
    Unfortunately, ReactPSN won't work simply because someone resigned it for 4.21. The dev who released it needs to come up with a new version with 4.21, 4.30 support.

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    G Sus Guest
    not for psn games. that only works for normal game backups that have been previously run patched on 3.55

    i believe other fixes and work arounds are required for psn games and DLC

    i got batman arkham city working this way but lost all DLC. and the DLC patch obviously wont work on 4.30 it would need resigning i assume

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    zhaoyun123 Guest
    looks like better wait patiently for they to make a working ReActPSN for this one ^^

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    What is homebrew and what is it for?

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    BluRay Guest
    Homebrew are unoffical apps, such as Showtime and MultiMan.

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    ricopico Guest
    Hello, my goal is to play bluray movie iso backups that I have stored on my harddrive, is it going to be possible without a dongle?

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    PimpMyPs3 Guest
    I recently installed Rogero CEX CFW 4.21 on my ps3, changing from Rubug 3.55. I have been re-signing my game collection for two days now and all games so far work just fine. However, games that have edat & rap files I can't get to work, as I have no ftp access to "dev_hdd0/home" folder. When I open the "home" folder, its empty and "access denied" is displayed in filezilla. Has something gone wrong for me or is it just how the Rogero CEX CFW 4.21 works?

    Thanks in advance.

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    bbwfan916 Guest
    try pushing triangle to open toggle qa option and then start it from there it should work that way i had the same problem

    I'm on rogero 4.30 160gb 2501A and my drives almost full has anyone changed to larger drives while on cfw 4.30

    curious about any results it seems you have to downgrade to cfw 3.55 while installing new drive then update back to cfw 4.30 afterwards anyone try this yet?

    and if i try it i can just back up my multiman game backups to a usb drive first and then restore them to my new larger internal ps3 drive is this correct?

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    DarkLordMalik Guest
    When you open the home folder, make sure you are not signed in with the profile containing that edat and .rap files. It won't open otherwise. You will have to sign out.

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