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  1. #801
    BluRay Guest
    Better Blu Ray movies support, new OFW features, PSN access without patches, being able to play newer games without wasting time looking for fixes, there is probably more. I'll test the XMB games later.

  2. #802
    HyuugaV Guest
    Damn, only a day goes by and I see how sticking with what works serves beneficial. Lots of promise for future CFWs though

  3. #803
    If I update to cfw 4.21 can I downgrade back to cfw 3.55?

  4. #804
    GameDemon Guest
    Hi, I need help guys. I installed the 4.21 v1.0, but now I tried going back to 3.55 using the downgrader file. It installed alright, but it still says i'm on 4.21. I then tried to install 3.7 (like mentioned in the downgrade guide) in via recovery mode, but it doesn't work. It says I need 4.40 or higher to update.

    Can anyone please help?

  5. #805
    BluRay Guest
    koalz: Some 3.55 fixed games will still work just fine on 4.21/4.30. I believe this board doesn't support piracy, so we have to part from the principle you guys are actually backing up your legally bought games, so in that case, you can delete the game and make another backup copy with the game BD, which will obviously have the original eboot.

    I'm not retarded though, I know thats not the case for most people, but since I don't support piracy either, I'll refuse to upload original eboots.

    NEWORLEANSBOUND: I'd recomend 4.30 CFW as It seems to be more stable with more glitches fixed, It doesn't have a great homebrew compatibility, but if you're aiming for that, I'd say stay at 3.55. You can downgrade from both 4.21 and 4.30 CFW to 3.55 using Rogero's downgrade PUP.

    Install and run toggle_qa.pkg and hear the 3 beeps (If It doesn't beep, keep trying).
    Go to network settings and do the key combo: L1 + L2 + L3 (press left stick) + R1 + R2 + dpad_down.
    If done correctly you will see Edy Viewer, Debug Settings and Install Package Files.
    Recovery Menu -> 6th option -> install Rogero 4.21 CFW (It will give the same error but will install the CFW anyway).
    Now repeat the downgrade process and It will work.

  6. #806
    GameDemon Guest
    I tried to reinstall the 4.21 CFW, but it says that the data is damaged. Is the CFW still installed so I can proceed with downgrade?

    I tried the downgrade process again. Dehashed it all and whatnot, then I tried running the 4.21 to 3.55 update and it gives me a Data damaged (8002F157) error...

  7. #807
    I have new games that need to be fixs that's why I'm trying to update to cfw 4.30 so I can play them.

    So if I update from 3.55 cfw to 4.21 are to 4.30 cfw will I still be able to play them?

  8. #808
    JW117 Guest
    Can anyone upload a mirror for the HOME fix?

  9. #809
    johnwrnd Guest
    Maybe someone can help me out... i just got my E3 today and i'm trying to unbrick my PS3 which got bricked by Rogero's CFW 4.21 1.09. I followed the unbriking instruction and read the NOR file from my PS3, used the NOR patch and re-wrote the patched NOR back to my PS3.

    While it was bricked the PS3 stayed on all the time but now after re-flashing the patched NOR my PS3 turns on but it turns off after few seconds and the red led keep blinking... is there anything i can do or is my PS3 totally bricked at this point?? the worst thing is that i can't use it because when the PS3 turns off the E3 turns off too. Probably i need to setup something on the flasher switchers?

  10. #810
    richo08 Guest
    i got a little problem with 4.3. I want to sort the games in the xmb by "last used" so that i have multiman always on top. When i do this it works but after restarting the ps3 it back to basic...why ? do anyone have the same problem ? solutions ?

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