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  1. #71
    imranulferdoues Guest
    That's cool if it's possible do downgrade without hardware flasher.. You guys just be patience for the bugs to be fixed.

  2. #72
    tonyqc Guest
    Thank you!

    but can you confirm MD5 it is very important to do!

    Tool here: softpedia.com/progDownload/MD5-Check-Download-75154.html

  3. #73
    appache777 Guest
    yes i just flash it and no brick for model fat cechk01 80gb and for the md5 i dont know maybe someone else will confirm

  4. #74
    G Sus Guest
    if your console has ever been downgraded you need to dehash first or it will brick.

    sorry can't confirm checksum i didn't check it myself, technodon posted it so i just tried it.

  5. #75
    imranulferdoues Guest
    Guys, anyone knows will it work with ofw 4.21..? Although i have cfw 3.55..

  6. #76
    G Sus Guest
    it dosen't work with ofw 4.21

    it needs 3.55

  7. #77
    imranulferdoues Guest
    Okay Luci,thanks...

  8. #78
    GotNoUsername Guest
    You only need to get you Syscon right!! Your Syscon is fooled by the NoCheck FW so if you install a normal CFW brick !

  9. #79
    G Sus Guest
    i believe so, also i can now confirm the following games:

    resident evil 6
    silent hill hd
    doom 3
    sleeping dogs
    and rocksmith

    i cant test no more cos i don't own no more.

  10. #80
    technodon Guest
    new multiman 04.07.02 update been released, which adds support for this firmware..

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