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Thread: Rogero CEX PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) v4.21 is Now Released!

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    G Sus Guest
    have you tried deleting game data (notSaveGame). if you've been running it from a patch on 3.55 this can cause problems sadly you'll lose all the DLC that came with the patch.

    someone else may have a better solution. but it worked for me. i'd double check this method with someone else though, cos my game was backed up from disk. yours could be downloaded and it may not work for that.

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    alucard1989 Guest
    it worked thanks a lot

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    crazydogg08 Guest
    Connection to PS Vita won't work with this CFW, at least for me!?? The Vita gives me a Error-Msg: "Close all running Applications on The PS3-System". There are no active Apps on the PS3. Any Solutions? Or will there be an Update to fix this???

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    IslaTurbine Guest
    I guess you weren't around during Sony's great banhammer wave when the PS3 was first jailbroken...

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    Hi I'm new this I'm trying to use 4.30 cfw on ps3 that's on 4.30 ofw and when I trying to install it's Telling me I need V1.09 so what do that mean? Can Somebody help me out?

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    G Sus Guest
    you cant install it on an ofw 4.30 ps3, it needs to be on 3.55 or below at the moment.

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    I have ps3 that's on truebluejb 3.55 cfw how to update that one to cfw 4.30?

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    G Sus Guest
    the instructions should be on the download page or within the download. i think you probably have to switch to kmeaw or rogero3.55 first
    not 100% sure though.

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    If do that will it work and will it ask me for v1.09?

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    G Sus Guest
    it shouldnt if you follow the instructions that came with the download, it says it will even work from oFW3.55 but if ps3 is downgraded you must dehash toggle Qa etc. its all in the instructions on the download page or within the download.

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