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  1. #761
    richo08 Guest
    i am on 4.3 i think nearly all games with multiman work but the psn games which i start from xmb wont work. do we have to wait for 4.3 fixes ?
    btw whats the difference of the patched and the unpatched cfw ?

  2. #762
    G Sus Guest
    unpatched the ingame xmb from pressing the PS button dont work. psn games people are having issues, look back through the forums you will find solutions to most.

    i assume fixes will be avalable for all of them eventually or since you've now got psn access again couldn't you just download them again from your account.

  3. #763
    richo08 Guest
    i installed the unpatched one. How can i fix the problem?

  4. #764
    G Sus Guest
    the instructions are in the folder the patch is in it too it tells you how to run it.

  5. #765
    anyone you can help me thanks my problem is wen i go in to Recovery Menu tried to update and i get this message the data is corrupted 8002f2c5 and i on this CFW4.21 now but i wont to update CFW4.30 and i have the fat ps3

  6. #766
    G Sus Guest
    the following is taken from the instructions enclosed with the Fw.

    1- Copy all the files from the package to the root of your USB stick.
    2- Install the CFW to your PS3 using XMB or from Recovery Menu.
    3- Install multiMAN ver 04.08.01 from XMB.
    4- Start multiMAN and Press [Select+Start] to open File Manager screen (MMOS)
    5- Using the Right analog Stick Double click the first Icon "PS3 Root" to open it.
    6- Select "dev_usb000" from the window that opened, and Double click it.
    7- Select the file "PS3~dev_blind.zip" and Double click it.
    8- A confirmation Message will appear, select "Yes" to install it.
    9- Enjoy your CFW4.30 with the latest multiMAN & Showtime builds.

    sounds like you might need to downgrade to 3.55 dehash, toggle Qa and upgrade to 4.30. it says something about how to do it in main article.

  7. #767
    NtRnOs Guest
    if you want install again Life With PlayStation, PKG is here:

    TITLE_ID NPIA00002: http://deu01.ps3.download.playstatio...eu/lwp/lwp.pkg

    Modify XML files (XMB) or/and launch by Open Manager (Multiman) or make new pkg/nfo and change category CB NETWORK

  8. #768
    pinoytechno Guest
    this is useless you need a 3.55 cfw, could rogero made a cfw 4.30 for ofw 4.30 console there are many ps3 console there have a legit and they what to jailbreak there console to cfw 4.30, it so expensive to have a proskeeet to downgrade the ps3.

  9. #769
    HyuugaV Guest
    Looks very interesting... seeing how Team Duplex is working diligently with 3.55CFW users I think I'm gonna wait and see how things pan out.

  10. #770
    AverageGamer Guest
    I have 2x CECH2501A with 3.50 base FW.. Being used to my DEX console, I brickd the first CECH2501A using the initial Rogero 4.21 v1.0 CFW cause i didn't Qa Flag or downgrade to 3.55/OFW/CFW... On the second '2501A, I Qa Flag'd and i didn't have to downgrade cause its always been on 3.55 KMEAW...

    The installation from Recovery menu executed perfectly... PSN works fine, All backups and original discs (i own RE6, 4.21 req'd FW) work fine... The only thing that was weird was the first time i put the cursor on "Install .pkg Files" and hit 'X', the screen flashed 3 or 4 times extremely fast and then went blank. It came back and asked me to plug in controller then asked me to install System Software of 4.30 or later !?

    I wasn't about to go thru a re-install so just press the PS button and the console will kick back to the XMB. After it came back i installed multiMAN with no problems.. I'm wondering if i can install the XMB Package Manager that was released just recently without screwing it all up? It adds to or edits 'dev/flash i believe soo im not sure.. yae or nae ?

    UPDATE: 4.30 CFW will screen flash and reset whenever a .pkg that it does not like is attempted to install. First unrecognized .pkg It will glitch and when you go to install your next .pkg compatible or not, screen will flash quickly and go black... When it asks for a FW 4.30 or later, just push the PS button and it will go back to XMB (No Need To Re-Install CFW), then it will restore its self and go black again, sometimes it will want to format the HDD before returning back to XMB finally. i made it do this sequence 4 times and on the third time it formatted its self... Weird. Hopefully its not just my install.

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