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  1. #741
    G Sus Guest
    i think it must have been on the hardrive when i've bought the ps3.

    psn works as standard on 4.30 and there is a fix for the ingame PS button xmb. it is included in the rogero download

  2. #742
    ROOKI3 Guest
    Luci ferson so there is no way sony can banned your console since we're using a cfw? this is one question i've been wondering on for so long.

  3. #743
    G Sus Guest
    its Sony , of course therel be a way. they bound to do something, but for now psn works, it could get knocked off in the future, they could even find way to ban aall our consoles. theres never a guarantee when you mod a consoles firmware

    i dont play online so im not too worried lol they might never do it either.

    it might even be impossible for them , no guarantees either way

  4. #744
    ROOKI3 Guest
    ok just got my download completed. so all i have to do on my 3.55kmeaw is install the update via system recovery?

  5. #745
    JOshISPoser Guest
    there's little chance you'll get banned unless you do something bannable like play a game before release or cheat in a game online. some homebrew has precautionary measures where it'll erase what information your console sends to sony.

  6. #746
    G Sus Guest
    if its never been downgraded and went straight from official 3.55 to kmeaw 3.55 its unlikely youl need that package if your unsure its included in the rogero download you can always just run it anyway.

    i'd check its the correct file before i did anything with it. and if its the correct file it should have come with instructions and everything needed

  7. #747
    ROOKI3 Guest
    so does multiman erase that info? it'll be nice to play online especially since i bought some BF3 DLC and BFBC 2. this are the only to games i would like to be able to play online again.

  8. #748
    dogggg Guest
    final question from me.. is 3.55-CFW better or 4.30-CFW..?

    i know that 4.30 let you play online and u can play the latest game without these eboot fixz from Disk and Ext-HDD... but other than that .. does it play homebrew and all Backed-up games from int & ext HDD like in 3.55 (i have backed-up all original EBOOT.BIN and PARAM.SFO)

  9. #749
    ROOKI3 Guest
    this info is really making me want to update just to play some battlefield 3 and bad company 2.

  10. #750
    G Sus Guest
    its great being able to walk in a shop and buy a game and not worry that you might have to wait 3months for a patch to play it lol

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