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  1. #731
    chingonx Guest
    On a cech2501b updated from 4.21 v1.09 to 4.30 via system update with out issues. everything working great, psn, all games. thanks Rogero

  2. #732
    G Sus Guest
    nah only joking you can really , but best upgrade to 3.55 kmeaw or something first

  3. #733
    Hernaner28 Guest
    What is QA Flag? I never installed that when I installed KMeaw 3.55

  4. #734
    ROOKI3 Guest
    ok thanks Luci ferson

    ok so if i want to backup my internal games just copy them with multiman to an external, what about the games with big/split files? i want to upgrade my 750gb to a 1TB

  5. #735
    G Sus Guest
    the games with big split files multiman will back them up as split files, but you can still play them from ext.

    you only needed it if you downgraded your console.

  6. #736
    xakmad Guest


    oh dear - had a few probs with games

    but why when i try Whats New it says "THIS CANNOT START IN DEMONSTRATION MODE"

    please help!

  7. #737
    Hernaner28 Guest
    So if I want to install a new CFW I don't need to install that PKG, right?


  8. #738
    ROOKI3 Guest
    Luci ferson what about installing them back to my new 1TB hd? will the big/split files get corrupt? or will multiman copy them back as they were in my 750gb hd?

  9. #739
    G Sus Guest
    there's been rumours its a retail/Kioskfirmware i dont really care, its playing all my games apart from one

    and thats a game i don't even know where its come from, cos i don't own a disk for it, and i dont have a psn account so it cant be from there, i'll probably just delete it cos i've never played it or seen it before.

  10. #740
    ROOKI3 Guest
    so have the bugs from last two versions been fixed? (the jumpy xmb and the home button issue)? did you have to do anything to be able to get on psn?

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