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    what about you? have you not read anything in this thread?

    like every other page says something. people at 3.55 were patient, even went about a year with nothing. now, we have a lot. so, wait a bit, be patient. i really doubt you'll have to wait even half as long as us for a solution.

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    thanks - they didn't want to make it too easy eh?

    thanks again

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    ok last question

    to got to kmeaw 3.55 do i need to be on ofw 3.55 or can i go from ofw 3.40 to kmeaw 3.55?

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    be safer to do 3.55 first, but going straight to kmeaw would work. just let that be a warning though, so don't blame me if you manage to get a brick. i guess there is a bad patched up 3.55 out there, so watch out for that.

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    Anyone has the Slim 160GB model CECH2501A ? I have that model and I'm not sure if upgrading from Kmeaw to Rogero.

    BTW, is it safer if I go to 3.55 OFW first or is it the same?

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    worked a treat - thanks for the help!

    tried a game i could never get the 3.55 eboot for and worked great

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    i'm in the same boat. considering going ofw 3.40 to kmew 3.55 to rogero 4.30 or ofw 3.40 to rogero 3.55 v3.7 to rogero 4.30

    from what i hear ofw 3.55 to rogero 4.30 wont work although i wish it would seems so much simpler

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    hey guys i have a few questions if you guys don't mind.

    1. i have my ps3 on 3.55 kmeaw and i don't remember if i ever used a spoof before, so is it safe to upgrade to 4.30?
    2. how can i backup my internal games for my on safety (if a have to downdrade for some reason)
    3. i downgraded a ps3 using E3 last year, if it safe just to upgrade that ps3 to 4.30? (after the downgrade it installed rogero cfw)
    4. last one, if i have one running with dongle, do i have to downgrade it or just install rogero 4.30 cfw


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    arggghhh so many news... been busy the last couple weeks.. gonna start reading everything from page4 to catch up...

    two quick question:

    1. can i upgrade from my 3.55.2 rebug CFW to rogero's 4.30 CFW..?
    2. can i install this to my slim 3.25 OFW...?

    and thanks again to all who helped making this CFW ^^

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    1 yes its pretty safe.
    2 use multiman to backup games to external.
    3 if going to install 4.30 on the downgraded ps3 you must dehash , run toggle QA then it should be ok
    4 instead of dongle firmware install kmeaw or rogero and upgrade from there. with no dongle plugged in.

    i think thats all correct but verify with someone else first.

    yes to both but follow the instructions carefully.

    actually its no to the second sorry
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