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Thread: Rogero CEX PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) v4.21 is Now Released!

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    winthur Guest
    Get update an OFW 3.55 and go from there. will not go wrong.

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    bbwfan916 Guest
    Thanks winthur. Where is the best place to get the OFW 3.55

    sorry I know this must sound like a really dumb question Im just afraid of breaking my sytem.

    Thanks for the help

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    xtemegamr Guest
    I was in KMEAW 3.55 , i just updated to CFW 4.30 , but none of the new games seem to work , like NFS most wanted & Resident Evil 6. I am thrown back to XMB.

    Note : I have installed Latest Multi man.

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    niwakun Guest
    Just upgraded to CFW 4.21 and yeah it works perfectly, not with the games though, it blackscreens for me until i remove the flashdrive that I use to install things (not my external HDD on my PS3 though since all my games are stored there), so yeah, remember guys to remove any device except your external HDD if you want to play your games correctly, or else, it will blackscreen. I just do hope that it's only Multiman issue.

    But at least I manage to activate all games that I had on PSN/DLC/Themes etc... and test them and it works and yeah had to use the bypass software to be able to login in psn.

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    Wile E Guest
    What about those of us on OFW 4.21?

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    kokotas Guest
    There is no point in going from ofw 3.40 to ofw 3.55 and then flashing 4.30 cfw. If you're gonna flash something, flash 3.55 kmeaw so that you can enable QA Flag at least. But let me explain thoroughly.

    A safe 4.30 cfw flashing requires that you're QA flagged and that you're on fw with a non patched LV1. To QA flag you must install the qa toggle pkg from first post, while you're on kmeaw 3.55, and then run it. Kmeaw 3.55 also has a non patched LV1, so from there you're good to go. You can install cfw 4.30. Whatever you flash, always make sure you do it from within recovery menu. Also make sure you don't have any disk in the drive during the whole process.

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    winthur Guest
    i'm sorry i cant help you on this. there will be a place to store them.

    Welcome back kakatos. Yeah you are right. i totally forgot the step on toggle QA. My apology.

    Finally i got my ACIII to work with 4.21v1.09. it however loads VERY SLOW from ext HDD and no choice gotta load from int HDD. Have not tested out rest of games though but seems that if ACIII can work, i assume most of 90% can work until more stable rogero 4.30 CFW comes along. Of course come still better to patch to 3.55 eboot if any games go beyond 4.21 else anything below 4.21, should run without problem.

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    kokotas Guest
    hahaha winthur, I see you insist on the kakatos... but whatever works for you

    Glad to hear you managed to get it running at least. I guess in the long run, cfw 4.30 will become standard, so it would be a shame if you went back to 3.55 now. The problems with loading games might also stem from multiman, since we don't have a bdemu for newest firmwares yet.

    So the compatibility is bound to be lower than 3.55. Hopefully soon everything will be sorted and 4.30 will be as stable as 3.55, thanks to the hard working devs of the ps3 scene

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    winthur Guest
    lol no offence on the nick but whenever i type it, the name kratos comes in my mind.

    yes finally. and i dont think im gonna run from ext very much when playing else i might spend more time waiting than playing it. hopefully the rest runs just as fine.

    hopefully dev gurus will continue on and make 4.30 as good as kmeaw. so far its the strongest that dev continues pumping eboot fixes on it.

    am gonna slp now after a long day juggling between my pc and ps3. Best of luck to you and everybody here. Good job to the devs of the scene.

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    some utter Guest
    Try downloading the updates , And also , Tick off be mirror on the games in multiman , I'm loading those games fine on my system , Resident evil worked with just the update for me

    Just to put the wise , All my games are booting fine from internal , Should imagine later FFs/multiman will support external properly like you all say

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