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    Banned User
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    do it from recovery mode,

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    How do install it from recovery mode i have ps3 folder and update folder but it wont recognise update Im on ps3 fat with kmeaw never downgrade please help

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    I bricked my PS3 with Rogero 4.21 CFW and ordered a E3 to fixed. I also own a OpenKubus but i can't find the .Hex file to enter service mode... anyone here know where i can find it?

  4. #704
    have successfully update to rogero 4.21 v1.09 from OFW 3.55 via recovery. and i face the issue same as you Luci Ferosn, QA toggle giving error

  5. #705
    i'd just go to 3.55 kmeaw and wait if i were you.

  6. #706
    sucks dont it, at least you got back up to 4.21v1.09, even that wouldn't work for me but no worries at least i didnt get a brick, and all my games work another solution will come along for me

  7. #707
    with the correct pup in your folder

    shutdown ps3
    press and hold till hear a beep and it will shut down again
    press and hold, 1st beep, conti to hold, hear 2 beep and release

    p.s no need to press to hard on the sensor, it will not make a diff

  8. #708
    Totally agree with you mate. better than a brick. my balls shrunk while doing all these. cant believe i am going this far for ACIII. should have stick to 3.55 kmeaw until eboot was out....anyway i have already flashed all day, might as well try 4.21v1.09 and see if it works. if not i will return to kmeaw 3.55.2. other games can dont work but not ACIII

    am trying to install ACIII after the EBOOT patch for 4.21 n 3.55... hope everything goes well...

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    Is there ANY hope for people on 4.30? Accidentally updated. Do you guys think there might be a new CFW out anytime soon?

  10. #710
    Do I have to first go from OFW 3.40 to CFW 3.55 then to CFW 4.30 or can I go straight from OFW 3.40 to CFW 4.30 using this Rogero 4.30

    just need a point in the right direction

    if I cannot go straight from OFW 3.40 and need to update to CFW 3.55 first can somebody link me to what I need?

    Thanks a bunch guys


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