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    Senior Member bigvern1979's Avatar
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    how do i prepare the usb stick again? its been a long time

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    damn, i was in the screen when i am installing Rogero CEX-3.55 CFW V3.7 from recovery when it says need data of version 4.40 or later... what now... sigh

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    you need to dehash and toggle Qa, thats where i got stuck, i couldn't do any of that. toggle Qa just froze ps3 out completely

    only mine was saying version 3.40 or later, which i couldn't understand cos the rogero 4.30 is
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    Install QA toggle and use Condor from 1st page to get to recovery mode and try again. It should work.

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    Can't get it to recognise any update data in recovery mode

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    well for me, i was currently at downgrader version im pretty sure. (it shows PS3 logo with 4.21) which is a hybrid of 3.55 spoof 4.21 like what main menu says. It still toggles fine, my issue is with Rogero CEX-3.55 CFW V3.7.PUP.

    i try to install Rogero CEX-3.55 CFW V3.7.PUP from recovery and it says i need to have data version of 4.40??!? which now is only 4.3 max? damn...i should have just leave it... now i dont know which way should i go now. can i , well since im on downgrader, i can just install kmeaw 3.55.2 over?

    What do you think? ok read you suggestion. am gonna try it now.
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    i had to install kmeaw, couldn't get any of the rogero pups to work but then i couldnt toggle QA again same error just kept freezing.

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    sweet jesus... close shave. Thanks to khmer suggestion the condor updates shows still need 4.40 to work but it still allow me to go through the installation of OFW 3.55 when i press select + start. installing now hope everything runs fine.

    So now i'm on OFW 3.55, just toggled a QA again, i wish to update to 4.21 v1.09. how do i do that? do i go to recovery and update straight to rogero 4.21 V1.09?

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    Too scared to try it at the moment. Will try for things to mature

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    Guys i'm on OFW 3.40 cech 2501A what do?


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