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  1. #61
    G Sus Guest
    that would be madness, wouldn't try it unless you got a flasher ready to rescue it

  2. #62
    patientGrim Guest
    any one know about CECH-2501A working?

  3. #63
    appache777 Guest
    yeah i know i though maybe someone with a flasher could try and let us know

  4. #64
    G Sus Guest
    mine is a cech2103b and works fine

  5. #65
    eustahija Guest
    Rogero himself tested CFW 4.21 on CECH-2504B console, but he said that never mind with bricking.

  6. #66
    AdilAliraqe Guest
    Rogero CEX4 21 v1

  7. #67
    BluRay Guest
    You can downgrade this back to 3.55 without flasher!

  8. #68
    G Sus Guest
    now thats just the icing on the cake. i think i just wet myself

    must remember to rehash afterwards if trying it, just in case you want to upgrade again

  9. #69
    tonyqc Guest
    Can someone confirm the MD5? because I see two firmware.

    418B6D659BA7201B04247618929E73FF and 8926B34ABAB2FEC4A3BCD5F070416AAC

    and does someone tested on a CECHK01 ?

  10. #70
    G Sus Guest
    this is the file you want in the first post

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