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  1. #681
    malaiko Guest
    Thank you so much.

  2. #682
    mcflyyy Guest
    Hello all, small question !

    Need a factory reset before updating ?? I have kmeaw 3.55 with 4.25 spoof and dev_blind patch i think for write new p*N certificate ...

    I can run the update directly ??? Thank you

  3. #683
    winthur Guest
    i have downgraded using the 4.25 downgrader, now going for the Rogero CEX-3.55 CFW V3.7.PUP and after that recovery to 4.21 V1.09. hopefully this would work. (cross finger again.) been messing with all these since 12pm my time. now is 12am. i guess im same as you mate.

    i don't suggest to update directly. update from recovery is the safest.

  4. #684
    xakmad Guest
    has anyone hear backed up the NOR/NAND with multiman (as recommended) before updating ? if so, then where is the option to do so? thanks

  5. #685
    rageagainst1 Guest
    mcflyyy: I strongly suggest that you remove the spoofer first. You might brick your ps3 if you don't do that.

  6. #686
    Blade86 Guest
    DEHASH my friend!! Every time you downgrade you need to dehash!

    I hope this info comes fast enough

  7. #687
    G Sus Guest
    i couldnt even get toggle QA to work, it just froze my ps3 out

    whatever you do dont touch the e3 4.30 i seem to be stuck on it, i can downgrade to 3.55 i can install ofw 3.55 i can install 3.55 kmeaw. but anything else i try to install or run just freezes the ps3 out completely. i think its somethign to do with me installing 4.25V1 from xmb then installing 4.30 E3 from xmb too i reckon its done something cos now when i try to downgrade i get stuck on 3.55 kmeaw with nothing working, and can only go back

  8. #688
    winthur Guest
    lucky i look through your post first. now i am on 4.25 downgrader mode (showing the ps3 logo with ver 4.21 in sys info page). so when you say dehash, do you mean by the steps below:

    1. on 4.25 downgrader mode
    2. recovery install Rogero CEX-3.55 CFW V3.7.PUP
    3. dehash by installing and running QA toggle
    4. recovery install Rogero 4.21 V1.09

    The above steps correct?

    i am on a fat ps3 with no using any form of downgrade from 3.55+ FW before so is dehashing really needed?

  9. #689
    G Sus Guest
    if you really want to run 4.30cfw go straight for the rogero.

  10. #690
    xtemegamr Guest

    Thumbs Up

    Put your usb on the right most slot. Start Multi man and go to MMOS and select any file , right click & goto Open in Hex Viewer. Press Start + Select and here you will get option to do Dump.

    Hope it helps

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