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    Blade86 Guest
    WOW, i love our scene. Imagine the process a while ago and compare it with today - AMAZING I wanted to point out a very big THANK YOU!


    I'm on Rogero CFW 4.21 v1.09 on a 256MB-NAND-CECHG04 without a Hardware-flasher and everything is working perfect - strangly
    MW3 online
    AC3 (didnt dare to go online with that)
    Bomberman ULTRA (the version from duplex and resigned the crack with 3.60keys)

    There was a post that the 4.30DEX would brick the console, thats why I was afraid of 4.30-CFW-CEX (possibly non-sence and paranoid)

    Question: What are the benefits of CFW4.30 for now? (since even ac3 is signed with 4.21-keys, and passphrase didnt change)


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    G Sus Guest
    the only advantage at moment of 4.30 is psn without having to use anything else, other than that there is no advantage

    if you got your psn and all your games are working, you may as well stay on 4.21

    no point taking a pointless risk of a brick

  3. #673
    Blade86 Guest
    Thank you soo much for answering that fast

  4. #674
    niwakun Guest
    You might want to stay on 4.21 for a while since of that weird demonstration mode and view category bug. And also you can still enjoy all Game things with SEN/PSN anyway, because 4.30 had the same PSN passphrase with 4.21 and 4.20.

  5. #675
    winthur Guest
    Seems that a couple of games i tried not working on 4.3 rogero, dont know why. am planning to go for a downgrade then to rogero 4.21 V1.09. may i ask will that be the more stable version for most of the games?

  6. #676
    G Sus Guest
    if the games are downloaded probably wont make no difference. you could have eboot problems from patched games. other than that i've no idea cos all my games work, although i've had to get some to run from disk first before they would work. the rest have worked as soon as i let them update.

    even the odd game that i had patched, i just deleted the gamedata, and ran it as normal then updated when it told me too and then it worked.

  7. #677
    winthur Guest
    What do you mean by "let them update"? u mean update from psn? if so i have not go into PSN for ages. moreover my game hangs during loading. will it prompt for update (assuming im on PSN already) even the game starts loading?

  8. #678
    G Sus Guest
    whe you delete the gamedata and try to run the game. your ps3 will say update 1.02 required or something similar depending on the game. just let the update go in (yes net connection is required, no psn isnt) then the game will play or at least all mine are

    but all mine were backed up from original disks , not downloaded, that could possibly be the difference,

  9. #679
    malaiko Guest
    Hi guys. I'm new in this, But can i downgrade a PS3 CECH-3004B 3.66 to 3.55 with this? If not, is soon?


  10. #680
    G Sus Guest
    if yours are backed up from duplex downloads the original eboots could be missing completely. then this wont work, you need to find the original eboots

    not at the moment sorry , you would need hardware flasher to downgrade.

    this could change shortly, keep an eye on PS3news front page as soon as things change you will see it there as BIG news

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