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  1. #661
    winthur Guest
    Hey kakatos, just to check, may i know which ACIII you have? as in which copy? cos no matter i change eboot or not, it simple hangs at the very last bit of the "Loading" page with the ACIII logo. i have been waiting for half an hour now.

  2. #662
    G Sus Guest
    i understood perfectly what you were saying, i was just trying to explain the situation with the statement BlueRay had said.

  3. #663
    dovez0 Guest
    my original phat 60gb ps3 after 2 1/2 hrs now has rogero 4.30 and playstation home thanx Rogero and all my games are working including new ones NS4 most wanted etc excellent work

  4. #664
    Wonderkik Guest
    If that's really what you meant then yeah, I did miss your point, badly ^^ I even understood the exact opposite.

    Therefore, I was asking before this little one to one discussion, could we have an official statement? As to is there a risk of bricking besides the risks linked to flashing anything?

    To my experience, no since it did work for me, but (and I suppose that was what you meant) I'm only a "random" user, even if I can proof what I say (with pics and/or videos)

  5. #665
    Hernaner28 Guest
    Is it safe now to upgrade from Kmeaw to this? Or should we stay on 3.55, what's your recommendation ?

  6. #666
    G Sus Guest
    Like i say , as far as im away there is no more brick risk to phats as there is to slims, no more risk to nands as to nors.

    always best to be safe rather than own a brick.. a little more waiting wont hurt.

  7. #667
    kokotas Guest
    Not that it bothers me, but it's the second time you're getting my name wrong haha :P I have the Duplex one, like everyone else I bet. Check my previous post about creating that empty folder... it might help.

  8. #668
    dovez0 Guest
    well working fully and installed the ps3 home fix on my ps3 60gb phat version with 1 tb hdd, took a bit of time though but if follow instructions, should be np am now synching my trophies and all new games and old patched games all working no problem even when install game updates

  9. #669
    imawinner Guest
    Do I need original EBOOT for the games or will the 3.55 patched ones work fine?

  10. #670
    G Sus Guest
    depending on how they patched , delete game data. not game savefile when you go to run game it will ask to update, either let it or grab the update from multiman and install manually. then the game should work. if not you'll probably need the original eboot.

    its working this way for me. obviously only do this from 4.30cfw

    Dishonoured didnt work this way. i had to install from disk first , but not create a save file. then reboot it from backup with multiman and it worked perfect after that

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