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    OFW3.55 is going in now. (hopefully)

    Quote Originally Posted by winthur View Post
    one question to anyone out there? should i use Rogero patch for certain games or any eboot fix can work. i'm talking about AC3. running on rogero CFW 4.30 but seems hang. have not eboot patch it though. games from duplex.
    you shouldn't need any patches on 4.30 cfw, non of my games have, unless i just been lucky again
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    Can't get it to work, I am trying the downgrade as state While on Rogero CFW4.30, go to System Update from XMB and install the Downgrader PUP. and getting an error occurred during the copy operation. (80029C55) get to 12% and states this have also tried straight update from 4.21 to 3.30 and get5 need a newer version than 1.0 have tried everyway was ok to install from 3.55 to 4.21 but now cant go any higher or go back down, 4.21 is working great but want to keep up and be able to use psn

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    all my games are from disks though, so maybe thats why.

    ofw went in but now im stuck on ps3 wavy lines screen at bootup
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    I can longer even use toggle q&a

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    hmmmm i've inserted a disc in, go MM and select the AC3 from duplex from my ext HDD, returns to xmb and disc change to AC3, from there i select it and it hangs there... i dont understand whats wrong. i reckon i don't need any patch after i change from kmeaw 3.55.2 to rogero 4.30 but dont understand at all. makes no sense...

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    i'm starting to think i should have just stayed on E3 cfw 4.30

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    Try to do a system re build? i don't know what will happen though. just came across my mind.

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    i'm having same trouble with Toggle QA dovez0

    i'm now forcing kmeaw back in from revovery. fingers crossed, hopefully the fact its had OFW3.55 it may have put things right.

    glad i didn't start doing this at 1am this morning , i'd have never got no sleep.
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    winthur, ACIII is about the only game I've tried and it works. I have it on external with a random game inside the bluraydrive (though that's not needed). It takes a good 1+ minutes for the game to boot so don't go thinking that the ps3 has crashed. Obviously no need for patches since you're now on the latest available firmware.

    dovez0, I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. But know that it's not recommended to flash pup from the xmb, use the recovery mode instead.

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    let me know you get on, and if works supply files i was thinking of putting in my nand/nor dump and see it that helps, but do not know hot to put my backup back into ps3
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