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  1. #611
    G Sus Guest
    at the moment its not possible to install cfw on anything above 3.55 , this could change in the future due to all the new keys etc.

    OFW above 3.55 has extra security measures to check the FW is valid when updating.

    this is why FW above 3.55 cannot have CFW at this moment.

  2. #612
    LiQUiDxSNaKe Guest
    Luci Gl with that (o.o i want to buy/get it too)

    thanks for the fast reply I get it know

  3. #613
    winthur Guest
    Yeah i think you should. most of the games i've had are sitting ducks waiting to be... played? shot? whatever... am on my 2nd PS3 flashing Rogero 4.30 CFW now. just make sure you are on 3.55 OFW (i like to be safe) to do that.

  4. #614
    StanSmith Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Luci ferson View Post
    can't believe the fix for NFS most wanted 2 is out already, wish i could get hold of the game ive been waiting nearly 2 years to play it.
    If you like Burnout Paradise then you will love this one. If you likes Most Wanted then its not as good but its still a lot of fun.

    Actually, its pretty close to Most Wanted but it feels like Burnout Paradise. There are boards and gates to drive through and it looks like Burnout Paradise. It crashes like Burnout, it plays like Burnout but its got cops and real cars.

    Its more like Burnout with cops not a NFS game.

  5. #615
    G Sus Guest
    ouch, i was wanting it to be like mosy wanted, luckily i got most wanted coming today on 360 so i'll just play that instead lol

    glad i didn't pre order i now i was going to last week.

  6. #616
    kenneth187 Guest
    i just wait 4.30

  7. #617
    G Sus Guest
    okey i just downgraded my ps3 from e3 4.30 to 3.55, tried to install rogero 3.55V3.7 and couldn't so ran toggle QA.. tried Rogero 3.55 v3.7 again still couldn't. so i installed kmeaw3.55 tried running toggle QA again now it just freezes my ps3

    i can't update to rogero 4.30 v1 i'm stuck on kmeaw 3.55 any ideas ?

  8. #618
    winthur Guest
    you should just try OFW 3.55. have you tried that?

  9. #619
    G Sus Guest
    trying to install rogero 4.30 V1 from xmb gives error system software 3.20 or higher can be installed on this system, trying from recovery wont work either.

  10. #620
    winthur Guest
    one question to anyone out there? should i use Rogero patch for certain games or any eboot fix can work. i'm talking about AC3. running on rogero CFW 4.30 but seems hang. have not eboot patch it though. games from duplex.

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