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Thread: Rogero CEX PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) v4.21 is Now Released!

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    winthur Guest
    Hi kokotas,

    Tks for the fast reply anyway i can flash back to OFW from recovery and then update to rogero 4.3 CFW to avoid any complication right? i am ready to do it like now now as i'm typing. lol.

    my plan was to install MM (latest) to dump>install QA to flag it>flash back to OFW 3.55>flash to rogero 4.3 CFW. sounds good?


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    kokotas Guest
    Sounds good to me Good thing you're also making a dump, so if something goes badly you will be able to fix it. Go for it.

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    winthur Guest
    Hi kokotas,

    Tks! I'll try it out on my ps3 with the Blueray drive first. will update here again!


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    kokotas Guest


    Important: Make sure you don't have any disk inside the bluray drive while doing this!

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    winthur Guest
    Tks. what i meant is the faulty Blueray drive. the very first gen of working PS3 with the 4 port USB without the drive. and cos it's faulty i dont know how to repair, i bought a 3rd gen fat ps3 with the 2 port usb. till date i still dont know how to fix the drive though. will update my success (fingers cross)


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    billyreneoberra Guest
    one question before i update from 3.55 to this one. when you're in the playstation store and want to download some DLC's with the 3.55 you sometimes get an activation error and can't download that certain content. is this different with this cfw or do you still get the activation error?

    that is pretty much the only thing i would need to get some of the stuff i paid for on PSN back


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    winthur Guest
    Do you have the DLC in your HDD already? i don't think updating of FW will format your HDD. i am flashing rogero 4.3 now and nothing mentioned on formatting HDD... yet... 27% and installation in progress....

    Quote Originally Posted by kokotas View Post
    Important: Make sure you don't have any disk inside the bluray drive while doing this!
    Hi again kakatos,

    Alright! The plan work, no brick, boot into PS3 with ROGERO screen successfully! I'm excited and gonna implement it to my ps3 with working blueray drive. Am trying on it with DOA5 now using no disc (faulty drive unit) with no eboot fix or whatsoever. Tks for your tip and confidence!


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    LiQUiDxSNaKe Guest
    Sorry to post such a dumb question but I need to know.

    Is it possible that with the new lv0 keys someone could find an exploit for any ofw to cfw?, and if not, could someone explain it a bit why there is not a cfw compatible with all ps3 consoles?

    Thanks in advance

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    G Sus Guest
    can't believe the fix for NFS most wanted 2 is out already, wish i could get hold of the game ive been waiting nearly 2 years to play it.

    Gonna Spend the day getting rid of E3 and get Rogero 4.30 installed instead.

    hope everything goes okey i've been far too lucky so far.

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    kokotas Guest
    LiQUiDxSNaKe It could be possible but don't hold your breath

    As far as I know a new private key is needed and it can't be calculated since they fixed their mistake on firmwares 3.56 and onwards.

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