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Thread: Rogero CEX PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) v4.21 is Now Released!

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    eustahija Guest
    Thanks Rogero and Deank, you are heroes! I'm on 3.55 CFW (320gb slim console), but I haven't previously experience with CFW installing. Please someone, tell me what to do, I already downloaded Rogero 4.21 CFW pup file? Any tutorial? Thanks and VIVA PS3 scene!

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    BluRay Guest
    A friend tested on 4 PS3s and bricked all of them. Luckily he had a flasher. I'm wondering why people are getting bricks from this, Rogero himself doesn't seem to know how to fix it.

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    G Sus Guest
    they were probably downgraded consoles that hadn't been dehashed there was only a like button and not a loooove button. lol.

    one small step for ps3 users, one giant kick in the nuts for sony. he he he

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    Blade86 Guest
    WOW- Thank you so much So you run 4.21-signed stuff - amazing. But it is a 3.55-singed-PUP. All you, who successful managed to install this, can you install ofw3.55 ontop of it (prob via recov-menu) All old 3.55keys for self/sprx are blacklisted in this new cfw?

    Which syscall is used: SC8 or SC10? If this new cfw can run 4.21-signed stuff we strongly need the "SELF/SPRX Decrypter" ported to 4.21. I think the pro-devs already got it for 4.21-DEX-OFW and the proper syscalls...

    And a tutorial for dehashing would be nice


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    G Sus Guest
    i'm not brave enough to try downgrading back through recovery, when your installing it it prewarns you that you won't be able to downgrade back, so i daren't try.

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    AdilAliraqe Guest
    Rogero 4 CEX

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    G Sus Guest
    after all the waiting for a nw cfw, then all the waiting till someone trusted released it, then all the waiting for it to download and the torturous waiting for it to install and reboot.

    now i've got to wait 3 hours just for my other games to transfer over and test them. Laptops are good for web browsing, garbage at transferring large files lol.

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    Hernaner28 Guest
    DUPLEX? N0DRM? Come on, what happened to you? Why haven't you shown up with a bunch of new 3.55 fixes? Now you can sign new EBOOTs, or something like that, right? I'm impatient!!

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    G Sus Guest
    lol you can't be impatient your a ps3 cfw user, you've had far too much practice to be impatient. he he he

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    appache777 Guest
    did anyone try reflashing to dex with multiman while on this cfw??

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