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  1. #581
    Roaf Guest
    Do you recommend to update this or stay on cfw 3.55?

    My ps3 is fat and 40gb version.

  2. #582
    StanSmith Guest
    To everyone, if you download a game then patch it MAKE A BACKUP of the files you are patching first. That way when something like this happens where the patch is no longer needed you just restore the backed up files. EASY. If you didn't back up the files then your SOL and have to download the whole game again for your stupidity. How hard is that?

    Here's a quick easy tutorial.

    1, download the game, backup the game, however you get the game have it on your PC.
    2, make a directory "355 patch" in in the game dir. That way you will know what files are patched and which patch goes to which game.
    3, copy the patch files into that dir.
    4, copy the game to USB HDD or Internal HDD via FTP.
    5, copy patched files into that same dir.
    6, play game. You now have a backup of the patch and a backup of the game with the original files. So when you update to 4.30CFW you wont be crying "has someone got the original files?"

    If thats too hard to understand then HOW did you get CFW on your PS3 in the first place?

  3. #583
    PeNtZ Guest
    Here is what I did:

    1. I've downgraded my PS3 Fat CECHH01 Rogero 4.21 v1.00 CFW to Hybrid 3.55 using the 4.21 to 3.55 Downgrader PUP.
    2. I've installed the Toggle QA pkg file, enabled it and confirmed.
    3. I've installed the Rogero CEX-3.55 CFW V3.7 from the System Recovery.
    4. I've finally installed the Rogero v4.30 v1 CFW from the System Recovery

    But in System Information I'm in 3.01 firmware!!!!!

  4. #584
    goncalodoom Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by BluRay View Post
    JOsh, I think patching 3.55 apps to run is related to resigning NPDRM Self algorithm, which includes more keys than just Lv1 keys.

    Rogero confirmed his 4.30 CFW will brick 256MB NAND PS3s.
    I installed it to my PS3 60gb and she is 256MB NAND and i didnt get a brick,everything went perfectly fine

  5. #585
    PeNtZ Guest
    Then I installed a 3.55 OFW (directly without downgrade or nothing) and try again, didn't work

    I returned to 4.21 v. 1.00 and worked, but 4.30 didn't work for me.

  6. #586
    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    You must have had a disc in the drive with the 3.01 update on it. Try again without a disc in the drive.

  7. #587
    Djmatrix32 Guest
    Did not brick my CECHE01 80gb BC

  8. #588
    PeNtZ Guest
    I'll try. Thanks

  9. #589
    gabotron Guest
    Thanks. I'll try too.

  10. #590
    snaptrap Guest
    i never bricked on fat 60gig but mm crashes when trying to mount a game

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