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    Oct 2012
    at the moment they just resigning stuff i think, i assume a tool will appear in next few days to resign your own apps. or resigned versions will just start to appear.

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    Feb 2012
    JOsh, I think patching 3.55 apps to run is related to resigning NPDRM Self algorithm, which includes more keys than just Lv1 keys.

    Rogero confirmed his 4.30 CFW will brick 256MB NAND PS3s.
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    Feb 2012
    There are other flashers you know. Managed to get this tested 4 different Slim PS3s and It worked fine, seems like It's only giving trouble to fat PS3s so far.

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    My system is CECH-2504B slim 320gb, I hope it working! But, BluRay, will fixed 3.55 games from my external hdd work on this new 4.30 CFW?

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    Feb 2012
    So far, only 1 Slim brick at CECH 2512, the odds are, It's the user that messed it up, this CFW seems to be very safe on slims. I always carry the original Eboot renamed as eboot.bin.bak on my game folder, I actually recommend people to do the same. Just tested Tales of Graces F with fixed Eboot and It worked, can't say It will work with all games though.
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    My Fat Ps3 is a CECHK. Rogero CEX 4.3 installed fine, restarted few time during install (2 or 3 times). MultiMAN starts fine, I've no backups to test, only really care about having Showtime.

    What I did:
    • downloaded pack on page 58
    • checked the md5 of the update .pup (Google "md5 check" to learn how)
    • transferred all the files onto root of freshly formatted USB flash drive (FAT32)
    • entered recovery mode, updated firmware, done.

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    Sep 2010
    playstation home fix for rogero 4.30 cutom firmware

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    Jan 2010
    LOL I was stuck 2 hours on 4.21 to 3.55 now i'm ok

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    Dec 2007
    Did you happen to come across the xmb category sorting bug fix? That is the only issue I see so far with this new CFW.


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    Where did you read this? I haven't seen that posted anywhere and description says they've fixed the bricking issues.

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