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  1. #531
    JOshISPoser Guest
    no... just think about it for a second harryjo. don't you think it'd be news everywhere that there was a software downgrader for just about every firmware (only one being 4.3)?

  2. #532
    harryjo20 Guest
    well i'm on 4.25 and also since they say they have lv0 keys for 4.30, 4.25, 4.21 do you think there will be a jailbreak for all of them?

  3. #533
    JOshISPoser Guest
    possibly. time will tell. how the ps3 installs firmwares is the issue. 3.55 is so rampant cause they patched it after that.

  4. #534
    x2501 Guest
    JOshISPoser So hypothetically, if i had a ps3 with firmware 3.60, i could just update it to 4.21 and install this cfw?

  5. #535
    Blade86 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Axlmegaman View Post
    Has anyone successfully upgraded to 4.21, but then realized that they need the original eboot/param files for their games?
    Just delete gamedata Most of the fixes work that way, that you got your original eboot in your backup folder and the modified in the dev_hdd0/game folder... So if you delete gamedata, the ps3 boots via the original eboot. You can then just update the game (NOT THE SYSTEM) like on OFW.

    In the case u placed the mod-eboot in your backup folder then of course you have to delete the modded eboot and restore the original eboot [same for other replaced file]

    If you did make a backup before replaceing [like eboot.bak], then you sadly have to rerip the game...

  6. #536
    JOshISPoser Guest
    or, i think, you could update the game via multiman if you have a modded eboot in the main game folder. that should allow a game to boot.

  7. #537
    BluRay Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by x2501 View Post
    JOshISPoser So hypothetically, if i had a ps3 with firmware 3.60, i could just update it to 4.21 and install this cfw?
    First Page -> Read It. You NEED 3.55 FW, 3.55+ has checks that recognizes CFW and won't allow you to install it. When that will be fixed? Probably never.

  8. #538
    Porfas Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Luis ngu View Post
    Hi guys, some quality problems that i found on CFW 4.21 of Rogero.

    Step1: from kmeaw are returned to ofw, then through recovery mode i've upgraded to CFW 4.21.

    step2: after the rogero screen, i get message to update the system; i checked the settings and the firmware has not be spoof to 4.25.

    step3: installation of multiman 08.4.00 , No backup seems to work; i did some research and these errors seem to be caused by failure of installation toggle_qa (according to me it has nothing but tried installation anyway).

    Step4: download toggle_qa and when trying to install pkg i receive error 80010017 ... fuuu!
    Hi there, I never went back to OFW 3.55 because in there you can't run Toggle QA... And this is not patched to 4.21, only 3.55.

    So that say, downgrade to CFW 3.55 Kmeaw, run Toggle QA, and then install CFW Rogero 4.21 v1.09. After that, say something

  9. #539
    Frix Guest
    i just tested the whole procedure. i went to 3.73 OFW, then downgrade to 3.55 OFW. went to Rogero CFW 3.55 3.70 through recovery mode, then QA flag installed and running then 3.55 KMEAW through recovery mode, check if all was ok and finally through recovery mode to rogero v4.21 1.00 and works like a charm !!!

  10. #540
    Porfas Guest
    Hi Frix, You have now the CFW Rogero 4.21 v1.09... Try, until now i didn't find any bugs

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