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  1. #511
    ConsoleDev Guest
    I have just updated from 3.55 Rogero 3.7 to 4.21 Rogero 1.09 through Recovery Mode and i don't lose anything (no savedata and no gamedata).

    Anyway it seems that Rebug and E3 probably will be release something soon, it is just a rumor but looks legit for me

  2. #512
    G Sus Guest
    eventually i suppose i'll have to downgrade from rogero4.25v1 and backup to rogero4.21v1.09b , any more multiman updates will probably be aimed more towards the newer fw. leaving the older one behind.

    i'm just holding out in the hope for a finished fw whilst its still doing everthing i need it too i'm staying with what i've got.

  3. #513
    johnwrnd Guest
    Quick question... i didn't made any backup of my NOR Flash before i brick my PS3.. can i still get an E3 and fix my PS3??

  4. #514
    ConsoleDev Guest
    Yes, just read the following tutorial with care:

    Requirements are:

    1- a Hardware Flasher so you can read/write to the PS3 NOR flash
    2- A Dongle with PSgrade payload (any old jailbreak dongle + PSGrade hex will do) used to Enter Factory Service Mode (FSM)
    3- Rogero CEX3.55 v3.7 PUP

    Recovery Procedure:

    1- Dump the current NOR Flash of the bricked PS3 at least 3 times using a hardware flasher (Progskeet / E3 / TEENSY++)
    2- Verify that it is properly dumped and you have a valid dump ready to be patched with the downgrade patches.
    3- Patch the dump using Rogero PS3 NOR Auto Patcher or any other Program available.
    3- Flash the Patched Dump back into the PS3 NOR using the Hardware flasher.
    4- From this point you can continue as a normal Downgrade Procedure by entering Factory Service Mode using the dongle and Flashing Rogero CEX-3.55 v3.7 from the USB stick.

  5. #515
    frees123 Guest

    PSN working on 4.21 cfw 1.09

    PSN is working , just use Yet Another Bypass 1.8 and install it, similar to FckPSN!

  6. #516
    johnwrnd Guest
    Thanks Consoledev!

    I own other 6 PS3 units but all of them have 3.56+ firmwares so i'm out of luck until we get a version that allow us to upgrade those. Also i own a OpenKubus... would that help me to use the PSgrade payload?

  7. #517
    ConsoleDev Guest
    No problem

    Yes, you can use your OpenKubus as a downgrader dongle without problem, you just have to be sure to have the right .hex file for that board

  8. #518
    BluRay Guest
    Isn't PSN working on 3.55? There are lots of 4.xx+ FW games that are patched too. If you're afraid of installing this, don't be afraid, you won't be missing much anyway.

    ConsoleDev, you're making It sound simpler than It actually is, opening PS3 and installing It isn't easy for most people.

  9. #519
    ConsoleDev Guest
    BluRay you are right, but I think that if a person wants to buy a flasher knows what and how to do.

    For this reason i don't mind to buy a flasher

  10. #520
    frees123 Guest
    PSN is working on 3.55 but on 4.21 cfw is not! until now!

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