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Thread: Rogero CEX PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) v4.21 is Now Released!

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    some utter Guest
    I've already upgraded twice to the old Rogero 4.21 and downgraded twice , And upgraded once downgraded then back up again on the new Rogero v2 posted today , In the whole process Ive not bricked , Got a bit stuck here and there but no problems flashing.

    Problems i had was losing all my data , Had to format hdd when downgrading , But Ive a feeling his next cfw will just be an upgrade straight to 4.30 , Because the latest version isnt spoofed to 4.25 , Which makes me think he wants it as low as possible for the upgrade process.

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    G Sus Guest
    unless you've got a flasher of course.

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    archangelz Guest
    Are you sure you are not getting this mixed up with 1.09 which still bricks. I've been lurking there and can't seem to find anything on a V2 yet.

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    Blade86 Guest
    I did it Thank you sooo much !!! My History on a CECHG04 256MB NAND without a HardwareFlasher:

    3.41 + teensy PSgroove
    3.55 Geohot
    3.55 Kmeaw [qa-toggled after a while *Lucky Me*]
    3.55.2 Rebug
    CEX2DEX [DEX OFW 3.55 - 4.21 with bd-emu etc]
    3.55 DEX-RogeroV2
    DEX2CEX [via 3.55 CEX & dehashing]
    4.21 CEX CFW Rogero

    No Bricks I was on PSN with DEX via FckPSN-Mod, but now its the first time I let a game do its update without to worry about decrypting and fixing the gameupdates ^^


    Just for confirmation: I'm online in MW3 with the official 1.23-update without ANY modification sooo nice On CECHG04 256MB NAND CFW 4.21...

    Just pick your favorite method to connect to PSN, no more gamefixes, no more waiting for updates, no more need to modify anything, WOW seems a bit toooo easy to be true, but it IS true

    Thank you all

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    G Sus Guest
    thanks dude, i been waiting on this.

    now just need to see a nor console do it, and il risk it, hopefully a 4.21dex cfw will come first though lol

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    ConsoleDev Guest
    Another user with a CECHG04 unit running 4.21 CFW here

    I was too tempted to update, everything went fine.

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    Blade86 Guest
    Congratz and welcome to the "dark side"

    I got the unspoofed 4.21 and wont try SGK-spoof or any other... I've read that a version that came out before was pre-spoofed to 4.25 but got a higher brick-prob. And since I got no flasher I used the safer one. You mind checking yours? (just for others to have a reference)

    Never the less, I'm using YAB for accessing PSN at the moment, but I think a lot of methods work now

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    ConsoleDev Guest
    Thanks bro

    Mine version is the same that you got (unspoofed 4.21), and i am in your exacly situation since i don't have a flasher. I've installed latest MultiMAN and latest ShowTime, no loss of data in any way, no more fix and updates, and finally i can manage PSVita content directly from PS3.

    Actually i am not interested to much about PSN, but if in the future an easier and safer solution will be added into the CFW, it will be fine

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    AdilAliraqe Guest

    Toggle Qa Dehash

    Hi Everyone

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    looks like i'm not going to this version. i'd hate to wipe my hard drive, hate it. too many saves and not enough room anywhere to back it up.

    plus, with what duplex said, again, i'm gonna wait a few days (hopefully i can, i'm itching for jet set radio)

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