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    clouduzz Guest
    Won't download fast enough! lol Can't wait to play some new games (Ratchet and Clank HD) Give it some time and i'm sure the great developers we have will disable lvl 1 checks as well as add new\old features

  2. #42
    G Sus Guest
    oh and thanks technodon for being the first person to post it that i trusted

  3. #43
    Hernaner28 Guest
    I'm so happy we got some good reports. Hopefully we can get some EBOOT for 3.55 first and in some weeks I may upgrade my CFW to a safe one, like it happened with kmeaw.

  4. #44
    G Sus Guest
    yep its nice having 4.21 but best to wait till all the bugs are ironed out first, don't waste a ps3 if its only one you got.

    testing resident evil 6 again, but it appears to be stuck on verifying, could be multiman and not the firmware, not sure, only time will tell.

    okey thats as far as i can test, you've only got 2 games not patched for 3.55, rocksmith and resident evil 6, rocksmith works perfect
    resident evil 6 crashes drastically and freezes ps3.

    so its a 50 50 for me anyone else got resident evil 6 working yet.

  5. #45
    smokyyuwe Guest
    Is that using the standard BDEMU or Hermes?

  6. #46
    G Sus Guest
    tried both standard and hermes. also you can't quit a game using the ps button on controller. you have to turn off ps3.

  7. #47
    muny21 Guest
    Resident Evil 6 (USA BLUS30855) using the standard BDEMU does work for a few minutes then freezes. Quit game and go back to XMB and try to restart game but gives error like there is no disc in drive. It seems to disconnect the USB drive after a few minutes because when I go back to mm 4.07.01 it shows no games and the USB drive is no longer connected. Have to switch ports for it to show back up.

    Also tested Darksiders II (EUR BLES01597) Games loads up but after skipping the logo screens just blackscreens. This does not kick the hard drive like Resident Evil 6 does however.

    Installed the Rogero 4.21 from KMEAW 3.55.

  8. #48
    G Sus Guest
    okey so now resident evil 6 is working too, theres a few bugs in either the cfw or multiman, hell it could even be my ps3. but if you keep trying and don't give up eventually it just starts working.

    wooooot thatl do me nicely

  9. #49
    racer0018 Guest
    I was going to sound this but i am not at home right now to do this. But i will wait and see what happens. It will be a good one for one of my ps3s that have hardware flasher installed.Thanks

    Ok another note. No one try this if there ps3 has been downgraded. If you do this it will brick your ps3 for sure. SO DONT DO IT!!

    Just wait into some things are changed in it to use on downgraded ps3s. thanks

    If you are going to use it on a downgraded ps3. Make sure that you dehash and reset your SysCon first. Thanks

  10. #50
    G Sus Guest
    well after playing with it for some time it appears to have a few monior bugs somewhere , not sure if they're in the firmware or some in multiman. it appears to have gained the fault that dex systems have when turning on from controller and then controller wont sync.
    turn it on from console and no problem.

    and you cant quit a game from pressing the ps button and quitting game, as it never gets as far as giving that option. i think i'll leave my dex system alone for now (at least untill these minor bugs are fixed).

    but on a plus note the games are working perfectly thanks again to all those involved. very much appreciated

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